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On an icebreaker - any static base layers for local storage so I don't need to eat bandwidth?

I am on an icebreaker in the Arctic circle. We have StarLink, but downloading baselayers has a high failure rate. Any suggestions for a static (raster?) base layer I could pull down and just store on ...
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Working with remote QGIS server project files

I went into some troubles when making my first steps with QGIS server and I could not find an easy way to go. Some context My projects files (qgs/qgz) are on a remote server (Ubuntu based, headless, i....
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ArcGIS Desktop in VMWare not connecting to USB?

I'm using ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 in a VMWare environment (university provided) with VMWare set to open USB when inserted. I have inserted my thumb drive and have successfully worked within the folders, ...
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managing postgresql database table using the pgadminIII sql tool

i have created a database using postgresql 9.1 and a table containing parcel information for a town council database on a windows 7 OS. i created the geometry column using the SELECT ...
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Not able to view CartoDB layer remotely

I was able to login as http://<domain_name>:3000 Done some import jobs, publish the map, copied the API link to a sample HTML page. Able to view the whole base map and CartoDB layer from ...
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2 answers

free way to author, share ESRI gis data

I hope someone can help. THE ISSUE: I work for a company where 90% of the personnel work remotely. The GIS department acts as a support tool authoring content for a variety of projects. There is a ...
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3 answers

Options for ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE Hosting

I know this was partially address here, but it was not specific to ESRI products. I want to find some place to create and host map services with ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE. ESRI cloud options are bit ...
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