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Renaming attributes/fields in shapefile attribute table using QGIS

I would like to rename some fields in my attribute table: Like rename "XRF_N3"in something else. It seems quite a easy issue but I don't find any information about how can I do that.
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Renaming the result of QGIS Processing Algorithm

When calling a QgsAlgorithm from within another, the result will be named after this algorithm output regardless of what is setup as the output of the main one. For instance, taking the code from the ...
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Renaming field in attribute table via PyQGIS

How can I rename a field in PyQGIS? I tried: for field in layer.pendingFields(): if == 'old': layer.startEditing() oldname = field.setName('new')...
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Renaming attribute/field names for GeoPackage layer in QGIS

I need to rename several attributes/fields in a GeoPackage layer. How to do this? There are numerous pages on how to rename the attributes/fields of a shapefile. However, there do not seem to be any ...
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Safely rename a QGIS project

How do you rename a project without breaking it? I used the Rename option from the Manage option of the context-sensitive menu in the Browser to rename my project1. This seems to work. However, I ...
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Rename layer in model builder with almost original name

I have a model inside a model and I would like to rename the output of the model to their original name with 'clean_' in front. So if the layer input is 'lake' in the project I would like it to be '...
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QGIS 3.16 with AutoSaver plugin: Renamed bak-files were not opened correctly or just as a blank project, respectively. (Win 10)

Though my current QGIS-project was not saved in that very moment, yesterday evening my Win 10 decided to run an OS-update and shutted down. 'No problem', I thought because of having installed the ...
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Export multiples files in an output directory while renaming them as months

I have various .tif files (3 files per month) from 2006-2010. Nomenclature of files are as following: 20060103 20060113 20060124 20060203 20060213 20060221 ... ... ... 20100624 I have calculated ...
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Batch rename of geotagged photos taken inside a shapefile

I have hundreds of geotagged JPEG photos, with camera default naming, that are taken somewhere out there but always inside the borders of a shapefile. I need to rename them all with the shapefile id ...
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