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Creating rings with buffer as polygon in QGIS [duplicate]

I need to draw circles with a buffer in one view. It will be an area around cities. I think it can be solved with a buffer or a cutout from the circle. How can I do this?
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3 answers

Creating ring using overlapping and fully contained polygon in QGIS

How do I use the middle polygon to cut a ring in the bigger polygon without moving the middle polygon to another layer in QGIS 3.30? I think there is a way to make this edit in-place without having ...
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Fill Ring tool problem

In the help file it says "Draw a new polygon over the existing feature: QGIS adds a ring to its geometry (like if you used the addRing Add Ring tool) and creates a new feature whose geometry ...
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QGIS connect two branches of polygon and keep a ring inside

I use QGIS 3.16, my sample is a polygon showed below: As the result I would like to connect those two "branches" and keep an ring inside. I'm not sure which tool should I use to do this. I'...
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Create multi ring buffer in QGIS that includes 0 distance polygon as well

I am trying to take a polygons shapefile with hundreds of polygons and draw multi ring buffers around the borders of each polygon, with 25 rings at distance intervals of 30 meters. Ok fine. This is ...
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Making ring buffers (donuts) in Google Earth Engine

I am trying to generate multiple buffers around a layer that represents cities (FeatureCollection). Use the following code to create the buffers: // Function to create buffers of different sizes in ...
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QGIS 3.10 Add ring to shapefile - "Unknown error"

I have a polygon shapefile layer with some overlapping polygons, styled using categorised labelling with different styles layered on top of the others. I would normally use the "Add ring" tool to draw ...
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Automatic filling of rings with additional polygons in QGIS

I have a large layer with a couple of thousand polygons mapping inland waterbodies. A lot of these contain rings, mapping islands. I would like to count the number of islands and do some statistics ...
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QGIS Dissolve tool erroneously fills rings in polygons

I have a shapefile layer with >27,000 polygons. I want to dissolve these together to create a footprint layer. The Dissolve tool works fairly well, but it has filled in what should be rings in the new ...
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Polygon node order will not correct [duplicate]

I've got a few polygons (they were previously one multipolygon) which seem to insist on having an anticlockwise node order. As such, when running through various operations in SQL, they throw out the ...
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How to enable tracing in QGIS 3 beyond applications for adding polygon purposes?

I have used the enable tracing feature in QGIS 3 to create new polygons (Add polygon feature), and it works very well. However, i have not been able to use it for other purposes beyond that, for ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Creating polygon from hole in polygon using QGIS

I work with this polygon and try to find a way to create a new polygon from the empty gap (not distinguish it) in the middle of the polygon. I succeed to do it with the "Difference" tool but ...
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2 answers

Add ring and Fill Ring error: could not add ring since the inserted Ring is not contained in a feature

I'm new to QGIS and am struggling a bit, I'm using the 2.18 version on a Mac OSX Yosemite. I'm trying to add a ring to create a geological map, I was successful for most of the map, but suddenly it ...
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Polygon holes/rings are showing up as polygons in QGIS

I am having an issue in both QGIS 2.18.17 and QGIS 3.0.1. It is to do with holes/rings. Where there are meant to be holes/rings, actual polygons are showing, these are effectively coming in as ...
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4 answers

Creating rings in QGIS

I plan to use it for positioning and tracking of areas worked for underwater mining. I am trying to draw rings using the "Rectangles Ovals Digitizing" plugin. But there is very little info ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Fixing polygon with ring self-intersection in QGIS

When I polygonize a raster, I very often have 'pixels' holes/interior ring that touches exterior ring. An example: POLYGON((5 0, 10 0, 10 10, 0 10, 0 0, 5 0, 3 3, 5 6, 7 3, 5 0)) It's defined as an ...
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2 answers

Is there any tool in QGIS to select and translate an inner ring without altering it nor the rest of the polygon?

I want to highlight the cloudfree pixels of a satellite image of which both of it with the cloudmask had been imported and reprojected from another GIS software. Because of the reprojection, my ...
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arcobjects modify vertices coordinate in both interior ring and exterior ring

I have a multiple parts polygon and I want to move all vertices of this polygon. I use exteriorRingPointCollection and interiorRingPointCollection to get all vertices. But I cannot get the result I ...
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4 votes
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Removing only small inner rings in PostGIS

I am looking for a way to remove small inner rings in a large polygon. I want to remove only the ones below a given surface and keep the bigger ones so that the look (from a distance) is not affected ...
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Incorrect results returning from st_distance_spheroid query

Given a routable network table constructed by completing the guide at, how can I get an accurate list of all roads that are within a ...
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3 answers

Creating rings from existing polygons using QGIS?

I have been given a shapefile from a client that features pivots, yet they were recorded as 10 circles overlapping. The software my company uses requires that these polygons be rings that don't ...
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1 answer

Geoprocessing tools fail though CRS same, prj-file ok, edit mode off, topology valid, etc

For my layers none of the QGIS geoproccesing tools (difference, intersection, etc. all give empty attribute tables) work, though I've checked for all (?) error sources (as in the title). Then I tried ...
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How to fill in ring polygon in QGIS?

I created a polygon which covers a park. But I want to distinguish some small buildings located inside the park. Consequently, I want to distinguish them and use them as independent patches inside the ...
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