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EU DEM in GRS80 EVRS2000 with geoid EGG08 --> Make it comparable to Black Sea 1975 for Romania

I got contour lines for western Romania in vertical system Black Sea 1975 which is based on elevation data with 100 m resolution. Now I would like to compare that to the EU DEM with higher resolution. ...
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Retrieving heights of buildings using remotely sensed data (except lidar)

How can I get the height values of buildings from a certain sector a city without going into the field to collect data? Is there anyway to do via satellite imagery, SRTM, ASTER GDEM or any DEM for ...
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Where is it possible to download a DEM for the Romanian east carpathians? [duplicate]

I'm quite new to GIS and have only done a few small tasks for Projects at University and the required data has always been provided. I am now struggling to find the specific DEM I need. Also other ...
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Seeking LiDAR Data for Romania?

I need LIDAR Data for realizing a urban hydrology study in Romania. Where can I get this data? In particular I seek free data for Cluj-Napoca as a PhD student.
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Stereo 70 where is it? [closed]

I have ortho photos of Romania in Stereo 70 and GPS data in WGS84 of the same country : I want to associate the two series of data. At the moment, I can't find Stereo 70 in the list of CRS : does it ...
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CRS Conversion problem

I have two datasets representing the same area in Romania, but in different CRS, A is local, B is WGS 84. dataset A with: Stereo_70 Authority: Custom Projection: Double_Stereographic False_Easting:...
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PRJ file for Stereo70 S-42 projection?

I receive lots of Romanian maps with the projection STEREO70 with Datum "S-42 for ROMANIA". I have only found the "Stereo 1970.prj" by ESRI, and when I open the maps with my GIS software the ...