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How to add custom basemap to QGIS with missing tiles

I am new to GIS. I have a custom basemap in S3 and I'm trying to import it into QGIS. It's timing out on some tiles that do not exist in my map: WARNING Network request s3://mybucket/14/4384/6146.jpg ...
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GeoServer s3 uri with ImagePyramid plugin

I would like to create pyramid and use the ImagePyramid plugin to create a store in GeoServer. I know GeoServer has a community module to support S3 uri in GeoTiff file, is it possible to use the S3 ...
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How create an S3 coverage using the GeoServer REST API?

I am trying to create a coveragestore and coverage for an S3 based COG GeoTIFF. I can successfully create the coveragestore, but cannot figure out how to create a coverage using that coveragestore. I ...
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Using s3 emulator with private bucket as source for GeoServer image mosaic

I am trying to render image mosaic on GeoServer from s3 emulator used for development. Example of value set for location attribute defined in database : ...
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