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Get pixel values using rasterio.sample

I would like to get the pixel values for a single point within a .tif file using rasterio. I have read several previous questions, and implemented the suggestions. Here is the code that I am using: ...
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Sample points randomly on an image using Google Earth Engine

I have an image ('biome') and a feature collection ('grid'). I want to sample points on the image, precisely 10 points per feature(a grid cell). Also, I want to drop points that intersect the masked ...
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QGIS: Sample points from neighbors according to conditions

I am sampling points (city coordinates) in QGIS from a raster data set using the Point Sampling Tool (among a number of options in QGIS). In some cases, the city coordinates are just off the raster ...
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Create random points within polygons with certain distance to polygon boundaries using PostGIS [closed]

I am using PostGIS and have a table containing a polygon geometry and a text column containing different factors. I need to create 5000 sample points, which are located IN the polygons and are at ...
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ee.Image.sampleRegions - what does the geometries parameter do?

I am reading the geemap tutorial and I have question about the sampleRegions function. As I understand, this function "cross" between vector data (feature collection) and a given raster, and ...
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Sample Regions - excludes points with masked bands. Google Earth Engine

I have a set of points from around the world and I want to extract the pixel values from a set of images, giving information about the local environment, for each point. Then export the set of values ...
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Random sampling In Google Earth Engine

I want to select random 90000 pixels/points from region of interest wherever there is built-up area. To my surprise when I print number of pixels selected it shows only 1044. I am literally lost how ...
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Error in random forest regression (Output of image computation is too large (25 bands for 903440 pixels = 106.8 MiB > 80.0 MiB)

I am working with the GEDI dataset and Sentinel-2 spectral indices (about 20-40 bands). My aim is to use the Random Forest Regression to generate a map containing the information on Relative Height (...
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Random sample of points surrounded by similar pixels in Google Earth Engine

I have a single-band raster (US landcover) where each pixel is assigned to one of a few classes. I want to get a random sample of points (lat-long) throughout an area such that each of those points is ...
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Getting properties of random points in Google Earth Engine

I want to have random points across Peru and their properties (the band values of IMAGE) for statistical analysis in GEE. I found two options which are sampling and random points. I have tried the ...
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Error in .bboxCoords(coords) : nrow(coords) > 0 is not TRUE using raster::sampleRandom()

I am trying to sample a raster (pixel values= 1 or NA, where 1 means opportunity as defined for my research). The specs of my raster are class : RasterLayer dimensions : 15838, 3808, 60311104 (...
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