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Image processing in Python

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Computing vegetation indices using scikit-image: "Divide by zero" warning prevents Red Green Index calculation

I am attempting to locate all green pixels in an image by converting vegetative indices using the scikit-image module in python. However, when I try to compute the Red-Green index, I get the following ...
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Creating a seamless vector dataset from raster with gdal, R or Python

I'm trying to create a seamless vector dataset from an integer raster. "Seamless" as in: not gaps between features and no overlapping features. The tools gdal_polygonize, pkpolygonize, terra:...
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Apply Canny edge filter on raster failes with scikit-image

I have raster with one band and I would like to do edge detection with Canny edge filter. This is my raster: I have opened it with rasterio and covert it into array :"raster.tif&...
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Extracting the least area image around a Shapely polygon, with rotation allowed

I have a Shapely polygon polygon_geom = shapely.wkt.loads(feat['wkt']) such as: I can map it onto an image polygon_pts = np.array(list(polygon_geom.exterior.coords)) plt.imshow(img_array_pre) ...
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Converting non projected x,y coordinate into a specific projection in a 2D array

I created a 2D array and after applying Gaussian filter I find centroid of all the connected pixels with values equal to 1 and then save it with the projection EPSG:3413. Using skimage.measure.label, ...
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How could I avoid extracting incorrectly closed contours from a raster with angled sides?

I'm updating a Python script which currently calls gdal_contour as a subprocess to extract contours. I'd like to replace gdal_contour with skimage.find_contours. However the output of the GDAL script ...
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Performing object based image classification in Google Earth Engine?

I am trying to perform an image segmentation using Google Earth Engine. I have performed OBIA in the past using python and scikit-image (skimage.segmentation.felzenszwalb) , but not sure how to do ...
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