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The primary purpose for the Scratch Workspace environment is for use by ModelBuilder. ModelBuilder needs a workspace to write intermediate datasets—datasets that are of no use once a model is run. Although its primary purpose is for ModelBuilder, there may be times when you want to set it for tool dialog boxes.

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Setting ArcPy environment param takes long time

I am facing some performance issue with this code running on ArcPy from ArcMap (so Python 2.7): import arcpy import time start = time.time() arcpy.env.scratchWorkspace = 'c:/Temp/scratchoutput.gdb' ...
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Using scratch geodatabase if output parameter is required

For example, if I want to use the "Times" function in ArcPy, I would write something like this: New_Raster = arcpy.ddd.Times(Old_Raster,10,Workspace + "\\newraster") but since ...
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Create and set scratch fGDB

I need set the new created fGDB as current for save all FC: import arcpy import os out_folder_path = arcpy.GetParameterAsText (0) out_name = arcpy.GetParameterAsText (1) arcpy....
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Clear the Scratch.gdb

I have created a script that produces multiple "temporary" tables (using the arcpy.statistics_analysis function). These temporary tables are exported to the %scratchGDB%, I would like to insert python ...
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Why does geoprocessing service tool Table to Excel always put output in scratch folder and not folder specified?

I have the output set to a registered folder that arcgisserver has permissions to access, it works fine when I run it locally but when I run it through the web it always sends my output file to a ...
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If/Else Create File Geodatabase statement ArcPy

I am trying to check to see if a scratch File Geodatabase exist. If it does not, then create one. If it does exist I would like to delete all Feature Classes in the scratch File Geodatabase. In the ...
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Relative Path issue within Model Builder

I keep getting a 000229 Error that my model cannot open the output from the first task and use it as an input for my second task. I am using relative paths because the model is intended to be ...
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arcpy.Delete_management does not delete the directory

I got a problem with Delete_management when I use the FeatureclassToCoverage_conversion function. I don't know why in the gdb I use (arcpy.env.scratchGDB), while the Delete_management is working, the ...
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Changing the destination (scratch workspace) of outputs of geoprocessing tools in a model in one go,

Changing the destination (scratch workspace) of outputs of geoprocessing tools in a model in one go, I couldn’t figure out the best way to change the destination (scratch workspace) of outputs of ...
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ArcGIS scratch directories

Assuming I start ArcGIS 8 times on my PC. One for each processor on my PC. Now lets say I run similar but slightly different models in each ArcGIS. Lets say reclass, zonal stats, or math. Now assume ...
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Temporary File GDB-based scratch workspace is not deleted after it is released

I have created a temporary File GDB-based scratch workspace as follows: var factoryType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("esriDataSourcesGDB.FileGDBScratchWorkspaceFactory"); var factory = (...
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Scratch workspace for ArcGIS Desktop: file name conflict for multiple users

I have installed ArcGIS Desktop on a server (it is not ArcGIS Server installation) where I want to give access to users to use toolbar (developed using Python-Addins) that I have developed. All ...
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Resolve Error 000210 when using Scratch Workspace?

Now I'm trying to make Python script to resolve some problem. I need too place all out features in Scratch Workspace (Later this script will be used in web GIS and intermediate features mustn't be ...
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scratch workspace in-line variable, up one level?

So I'm building a model to be published as a geoprocessing service, and I'm trying to use the 'Save to Layer File' tool to create a symobolized result of my raster output. I've set both current and ...
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Path format for intermediate data while sharing models

I didn't fully understand using relative paths in models yet. I have already asked a question on this topic (EDIT3 - summary: I always check "Store relative path names", but when I move the model, ...
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