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How to change Datasource of a Raster in sde using ArcObjects?

I'm building a C# application that lets the user change their DataSources of all the layers in their MXD. I have it working on FeatureLayers and LYR files but I'm stuck on how to change Raster layers ...
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ERROR 999999: Error executing function - Failed to execute (CopyRaster)

ERROR 999999: Error executing function Unexpected operation No spatial reference exists This is a fragment from my log report: ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Database user name ...
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Importing Rasters to ArcSDE 9.3.1 using sderaster

I am trying to import a raster to 11g using the sderaster command. It is a standalone jpg with a world file associated, and pyramids. Am I right in assuming I cannot import a JPG, I can only convert ...
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In ArcSDE, SQL Studio Manager 2012, How to get pixel data using a point layer?

I was using 'where' and 'ST_Intersects' with polygon data to get values 'under' my point layer. Example: Select rd.[FORESTNAME] as Forest, Count(Distinct morel.[OBJECTID]) AS Observations From [dbo]...
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How to write sderaster commands

I am trying to receive information about a Raster image in an sde Database. I am using the sderaster -o list command which gives me the error "ERROR: No [opotions]". I have tried to enter all the ...
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