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How to open Autodesk SDF file with Python

I'm trying to open a large SDF file (~8gb) in Python. I have been provided a layer in this SDF format (Autodesk SDF3), but I have so far been unsuccessful with opening this filetype with packages such ...
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Copy database file (.sdf) to User Folder for Extension? [closed]

I am developing an extension for ArcGIS 10.3 using ArcObjects in c# and it uses a database (.sdf). I want to setup the extension in such a way that when extension is installed (it is ArcGIS AddIn), it ...
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Can QGIS open a SDF file created by HEC RAS?

I used the "export GIS data" option in HEC RAS and got a SDF file. Is it possible to open it in QGIS?
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How to manipulate SDF data via java/jsp (MapGuide open source Web API)?

I am relatively new to MapGuide open source technology. I would like to parse and modify data that is in SDF format so that my map displays this updated feature data (dynamically). How can i do so? I ...
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How to read Autodesk Spatial Data File (.SDF) in PHP

I am working on an application using Autodesk MapGuide. The application is being developed on PHP and hosted in IIS 7.5. I had to create point, line and polygon geometries on-the-fly. I found a ...
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How to determine the version of an SDF file?

I'm looking for a tool or a method to reliably determine which SDF version a given file is implementing. So far I've been using Autodesk's SDF Loader with the /info flag, but it only supports SDFv2....
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