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No visible boundaries or gaps between data subsets or tiles.

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Making seamless and consistent quality of Landsat image after cloud masking and mosaicking/ median composite in Google Earth Engine

I am trying to remove cloud and composite all Landsat 5 TOA images available in a given year and region into a composite of final image. However, I noted that the quality of final composite image is ...
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Create a seamless raster from multiple polygons?

I have been attempting to create a total cover map of a 4x4 km target area. I clipped the target area to my desired size and used the create polygon feature of ArcGIS to define all of the areas as '...
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Where can I get seamless 500dpi DRGs for Oahu (Honolulu County)?

USGS makes 500dpi DRGs but doesn't seem to offer them for download anywhere. There are several vendors that I can find offering seamless DRGs but only in 250dpi. Where can I find 500dpi seamless DRGs ...
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How can I create 1 seamless tab file for master map?

This is my first post on here so please excuse if it's in the wrong place. I've processed some mastermap files which display absolutely fine. However, during the processing it would not let me create ...
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What is a seamless table?

A client has asked me to provide a dataset in seamless table format. Could anybody describe to me what a seamless table is? I understand that it is a format used by mapinfo, but can I create a ...
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Seamless, color balanced mosaics of aerial RGB photos with Open Source

I'm looking for an open source tool/workflow (even a command line one) to obtain what it is advertised in programs like http://www.orthomapper....