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SEPAL - System for earth observations, data access, processing & analysis for land monitoring.

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How to connect Sepal to my Google account [closed]

I am new to Sepal and I am trying to connect my Google account to Sepal but I can't connect. I have tried clearing my browser caches and restarted my computer but it is not working still. I am ...
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Running into error while starting se.plan tool

I am a new user and I am exploring the se.plan tool. I am connected to my Google account and have signed up to Google Earth Engine. At the very beginning when trying to load se.plan I ran in to this ...
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1 answer

SEPAL creating Optical Mosaic get following error message "ServerException: The specified location constraint is not valid."

When creating an Optical Mosaic on SEPAL I get the following error message ServerException: The specified location constraint is not valid. After selecting an area of interest, the date and the ...
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Create a combined Landsat and Sentinel mosaic using SEPAL

I'm new to the SEPAL platform and I cannot find lot of information on the web so far. I would like to create a Landsat and Sentinel based mosaic on a AOI that I stored as an asset in GEE : users/...
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Cannot download Planet data from SEPAL [closed]

I'm using the planet-order module from SEPAL on the Maldives and I cannot manage to download my images. I get the following error: downloads My API key seems legit and the mosaics have been loaded ...
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Land cover classification algorithms in SEPAL

What is the algorithm for land cover classification employed by SEPAL in the Classification recipe ? I am not able to find any options to view the algorithm being used so I don't know if it's ...