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FME Postgres - Red ports

I have a small table of wells with just a name, lat, lon, and geometry in an Esri Shapefile. I am putting them into a PostGIS database and it works well, so I added an arbitrary well_id as a serial ...
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FME PostGIS writer define column as serial/PrimaryKey with pre-existing id values

With FME I read a table that has an id column with pre-existing values, like id | some_attributes... -------------------------------- 56784645 | ... 56478687 | ... ... I would like to write ...
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Can't do anything else in QGIS during While-Loop

I've written a Python QGIS plugin that reads data from an AIS receiver via the Serial package. It will be similar in function to the GPS Information panel in that it will show your position on the map ...
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PyQGIS read data from serial/COM ports

I'd like to read data (from a device connected to the serial port) in QGIS using Python. Its not a GPS device; it is an AIS receiver so the QgsGPS tools obviously won't work. I have got as far as; ...
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Creating QGIS processing script that adds sequence to unique identifier column in PostGIS

Can anybody help me to create a QGIS processing script that adds a sequence to an existing unique identifier column (type: integer) in PostGIS? This would be quite helpful, e.g. as a workaround for ...
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How do I force gpspipe to read from a USB Serial device rather than a server address with a port and everything

I'm desperately trying to grab the simplest piece of information I can out of my usb dongle from the command line. A program of mine needs to use it so it has to be a STDIN/STDOUT type solution. I ...
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Get default values from PostGIS DB in QGIS 2.4 editor

One of my postgis tables tables automatically includes the nextval(xxx) in the edit feature form in qgis(and I think will also update ids of multiple features automatically). The other seems to have ...
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