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Batch SetNull in ArcGIS Pro

I am using ArcGIS Pro. I have 100s of GeoTIFFs with NoData set to -99999 and I need to set NoData to null. I can’t seem to get batch SetNull to work. The images are 32 bit float.
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Reading TIFF file using ArcPy with ArcGIS Pro

I have trouble when I try to set null some value, when I try this code, it didn't do anything or exporting any file. I run this code on Python ArcGIS Pro and when I import the ArcPy and os it seems ok....
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How to set all raster pixels within a shapefile to null?

I'm working with ArcGIS Pro 2.4.0. I have a raster dataset consisting of several plots of crops. Within each plot, there is a small ground target that has differing reflective values than the ...
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arcpy: RUSLE S value - Set null in raster is not setting values to null

I have a slope raster spatial dataset and want to calculate the RUSLE equation's S value. The challenge is that for values with slope gradient <= 9% I have to apply the following equation: S = 10....
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Map algebra with loop and SetNull not working

I'm trying to run a loop through a number of rasters while using SetNull but keep receiving an error message. I have worked on these rasters individually using SetNull and it it works, but would need ...
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ArcMap Raster Calculator SetNull not changing value?

I am having issues with the "SetNull" function within the Raster Calculator in ArcMap. I have a landsat 8 image that I separated the bands into their own raster (only working with 6 of them), bands 2-...
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Setting RGB TIFF "zero" values to "NoData"

I am having a problem with getting my Landsat 8 RGB (bands 2-7) .tif background values (very small number but not zero) set to null. I have tried the following tools: Raster Calculator (image 2) ...
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How can I set multiple values to null in one raster and replace all other values with another raster?

I am working with Landsat8 cloud data (BQA.tiff). I would like to set all medium and high confidence cloud/cloud shadow values (values listed below) to null and replace all other values in this image ...
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The SetNull tool does not correctly change "-9999" into NODATA

I am using ArcMap 10.5.1 and .tif raster data. When I executed the SetNull tool to convert all "-9999" values into NoData, the range of values in the output raster was greater than that in the ...
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Use gdal to set multiband raster values to no data

I need to set a 3 band multiband raster (GeoTIff) where band 1 = 0 AND band 2 = 0 AND band 3 = 0 then this is no data (0,0,0 is No Data). Not OR in each band but AND across the 3 bands. I think it is ...
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Converting zero values in raster using average of neighboring cells in ArcMap?

I have an image and I want to fill the empty spaces using the average of the neighbouring cells. I setNULL these values and followed Fill in NoData gaps in raster using ArcGIS for Desktop? There ...
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