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Edit and update a shared feature layer using QGIS

I am currently shifting to QGIS from ArcGIS. I know that ArcGIS has this distributed collaboration system which allows multiple users to edit a shared GIS file (after uploading to an ArcGIS portal) ...
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ArcGIS shared update group

I would like to create a shared update group on ArcGIS, however, the "what items in the group can members update?" question is missing and I can´t, therefore, tag it. The questionnaire just ...
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8 votes
1 answer

QGIS shared project (monitor changes)

I have a software-development background with a powerful use of svn and git. I work now for a public authority with two offices far from one another. Two other colleagues and I are sharing several ...
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Error trying to publish Hosted layer to ArcGIS Enterprise from ArcMap?

I get an error message when I try to publish a hosted layer to portal using ArcMap. Portal and server are federated, I have specified a hosting server and I am an administrator. I have signed in and ...
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Java shared hosting with PostGIS

I've been developing a disaster risk management application that makes use of Java/Smart GWT, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and Tomcat 7. I'm looking for a shared hosting environment for the beta testing period ...
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Is there a web mapping server works on a linux shared hosting account? [closed]

Question: Is there a web mapping server software out there that works on a typical linux shared hosting account? Background: I have been trying find a web mapping server that would allow me to serve ...
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