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Comparing similar words in two different columns [closed]

i have list of different categories in same dataset in two different coulumns There are some similar words in the two columns. So by comparing the two columns the maximum matched wordings should be ...
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Want to know if an area that is dissimilar on X to neighbors is also dissimilar on Y to neighbors

I'm trying to run un analyses in which I'm interested in whether an area that is dissimilar or similar to its neighbors on X is also dissimilar or similar to its neighbors on Y. I was thinking of ...
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Computing a weighted Jaccard similarity index for point clouds with scikit-learn

I would like to use the Jaccard Similarity Index to compute the overlap between to point clouds, following Brede et al. 2022. Here, they voxelise a point cloud and then compute the intersection and ...
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PostGIS Similarity between drawn polygon (x,y between [0,1]) and set of buildings (SRID 4326)

I would like to find the set of buildings (SRID 4326) that are similar to a shape drawn by a user (x,y between 0 to 10)** Is it possible to do that with PostGIS? Requirements: A polygon drawn by a ...
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How to quantify the similarity of spatial patterns?

I am not a GISer, but I do believe a GIS (more specifically, spatial statistics) algorithm could help with the task I am carrying on. If posting a question that has already been posted (by me) on ...
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How to find similar GPS tracks considering timestamps?

There are around 300 users tracks per day with about 4k points in each with 10s time interval. I'd like to find similar tracks considering location and time. The tracks are similar if it can be ...
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Similarity of shapes in QGIS 3.x

I need to calculate a metric for similarity of shapes (Hammond or Hausdorff) between polygons created from a vectorized map and official district polygons. Now, I've done some searching and found ...
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Similarity between two sets of lat/long points

I am trying to measure the similarity between two trajectories (two sets of lat/long points) which are the outputs from two APIs. I am trying to measure the difference between the routes given by ...
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Quantifying similarity between two independent areas using R [closed]

I'm assessing areas for suitability for species relocations, so essentially I'm looking to quantify how similar a possible relocation site is to a source site in several metrics. The species may ...
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Match linestrings using Fréchet distance

I have two datasets of roads (both in WGS84). One has nicely digitized geometries, but lack some of the attributes and the other has heeded attributes, but digitized terribly. I want to transfer ...
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Finding and filtering out similar points between two layers using ArcGIS Pro?

Are there any tools, libraries, plugins, either standalone or for use with ArcGIS Pro that can aid in the process of identifying very similar points between two layers? What I mean with similar I ...
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Seeking Image similarity software?

Could anyone suggest a script/tool/software, that would: recognize and quantify the similarity/dissimilarity between the four attached images? Meaning, it would show that there is a greater ...
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Visualize an n-row and n-column matrix [closed]

I have a 275 rows and a 275 columns matrix,the value in the matrix is between 0.99 and 1.Each value is 6 digits after the decimal point,such as 0.993428,0.999657.It can be understood that this is a ...
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calculate a similarity index between different scaled rasters

I am looking for a method in a R-Package to come up with an index value that represents the similarity and dissimilarity between multiple, different scaled, input rasters. These multiple input rasters ...
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How to Find similar geometries? [closed]

I'm looking for an algorithm in Python or a combination of arcgis tools to find similar (but not identical) entities between 2 different feature classes. I attach a picture to the illustration.
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Finding source map tile

Given a degraded image of a Google maps tile, for example: Is there a service or technique I can use to find the map coordinates of this tile?
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Calculating change between two sets of district lines?

I'm using the Census Shape files for state legislative district lines for 2008 and 2012. I want to create a measure that indicates how much these lines have changed between these two time periods (...
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Path Matching for Journeys Using XY Coordinates [closed]

I am trying to find some suggestions on ways or algorithms to determine path similarity. An illustration of 3 paths using made up data is given below. The title should be finding similar paths instead ...
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Deleting feature classes with similar name in ArcPy? [closed]

I have a script that does a dissolve on polygons with a common field. I'm only interested in keeping the outputs that contain more than one polygon. I'm new to python and having trouble writing a ...
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How to join a table to a shapefile with non-matching IDs and names (similar strings)?

I'm having an annoying problem that I'm trying to find an automated solution for. The shorthand version is that I have a shapefile and a table of created data for regions within countries. The created ...
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How to measure similarity of approximately congruent polylines

My initial question was posted here. The answer of whuber provides a nice solution for the case when polylines are congruent. However, the problem is that my polylines are approximately congruent (...
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How to measure similarity of SpatialLines objects

I created two SpatialLines objects in R: . These objects were created this way: library(sp) xy <- cbind(x,y) xy.sp = sp::SpatialPoints(xy) spl1 <- sp::SpatialLines(list(Lines(Line(xy.sp), ID="...
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Index to speed up similarity comparison when all the lines are along a same x-axis?

When comparing similarity of linestrings with ST_HausdorffDistance (or another type of similarity function), is there a way to use an index to speed up the search for similar linestrings?
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Similarity between two or more trajectories

I have the data of trucks ( This data are gps coordinates of multiple trajectories of trucks in Athens. I have to calculate the similarity between the trajetories, in ...
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Defining a scale number from the Helmert transformation

I know this is more bit of a cartographic issue, but maybe somebody would be able to help. I have an old map georeferenced to the openstreetmap with 50 identical points. I want to get the scale of the ...
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Similar paths to Compare [duplicate]

I want to implement a mechanism to compare similar / identical paths. For example, a person who makes the trip home - work every day, be able to detect these paths and create groups to compare ...
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Similarity between two raster maps

Having two raster maps as the examples below: We are interested in evaluating their similarities. As shown, they are not fully overlapping. We guess one way is to clip small one area from the bigger ...
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