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a transformation of a polygon to a polyline that approximates the medial axis.

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Centreline for vectors

I'm trying to get a centreline representation for some polygon output from OSM but having tried the approach in this post (Skeletonize vectors in QGIS/Python) I'm getting very odd results. Here's the ...
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Using v.voronoi.skeleton in Qgis 3.43 with Grass8

In previous QGIS-versions that used Grass7 I designed a model that used v.voronoi.skeleton. But with the upgrade to 3.43, and Grass8, this model will not work anymore. It complaints that grass7:v....
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Map style identification

We are looking for a visualization solution to track a device to locate its floor and room in 3D(especially the skeleton and the room of the building. Now we do have the OSGB data for the whole ...
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Breaking donut polygons into single polygons without an interior ring whilst maintaining the polygons shape?

I have created a new dataset working with a predefined (and enforced) methodology that creates complex geometries that may have many interior rings making them donut polygons. Some shapes may be ...
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Generating the skeleton of polygon using PyQGIS

I develop a plugin for my project which includes some useful tools. I reviewed some answers in GIS SE about generating skeleton of polygon. I couldn't find any solution which used PyQGIS. HCMGIS ...
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Using Voronoi.Skeleton in QGIS [duplicate]

My purpose is to make a central line from a polygon. For this I use the skeleton algorithm from a polygon, but I did not manage to get a line. I draw the polygon. I launch the program. It doesn't ...
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v.voronoi.skeleton error

Recently, I was looking for way to skeletonize buffer and besides solution with PostGIS and Postegre solutions there is algortihm v.voronoi.skeleton. I have tried to use it with different road/rail ...
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3 answers

Simplifying multiple lines to create central axis?

I have a layer with railway lines, downloaded from OpenStreetMap. Every single track is represented separately, so at trainstations, you have several parallel lines, as well as sidelines that lead to ...
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need Matching Algorithm which takes graph Topology into account

Problem: I have a problem (illustrated below) with matching two datasets. On the left I have a GIS containing drain network data (in blue), including diameter, length and topology information (from- ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Skeletonize vectors in QGIS/Python

I am trying to find a tool to create a skeleton of a large vector dataset using QGIS and its bundle. It should be directly programmatically callable through Python or commandline (QGIS, GRASS, OGR etc....
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Travel planning - Finding farthest points of a polygon

I’d like to organize a tour around the lake with 2 objectives: maximise the length of shores to view minimise travel distance In order to do so I can: Pick 2 most remote points on the lake in ...
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12 votes
2 answers

How to compute Straight Skeletons using Python?

Is there a Python package which provides an implementation of a Straight Skeleton algorithm? I'm aware that the open source (C++) project CGALcontains an implementation but it seems like cgal-...
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removing spurious lines in raster before or after vector conversion?

I'm looking for a feature/function in either python opencv/ndimage/gdal/etc. or qgis/saga/grass that will help clean up a skeletonized image that I'd like to vectorize into a shapefile of lines/...
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5 votes
2 answers

how to get a low level road network from openstreetmap data?

I've extracted the road network of a city from openstreetmaps (filetype: osm). One part of the road networks look like this: However, there are too many details in this data. I'd like to represent ...
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4 votes
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Create centreline from a polygon [duplicate]

I am working on a project to create a centerline from a polygon automatically. The user select a polygon and click a button, the centerline will create for him. I have tried the build-in function “...
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19 votes
2 answers

Finding tunnel center line?

I have some map files consisting of 'polylines' (each line is just a list of vertices) representing tunnels, and I want to try and find the tunnel 'center line' (shown, roughly, in red below). I've ...
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Simplifying polygons to linestring?

I would like to simplify some polygons that represent rivers into linestrings. I assume that holes in polygons can be omitted. Anybody has some good idea how to simply do it? It would be nice, if it ...
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