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Simple Object Access Protocol, is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information in the implementation of Web Services in computer networks

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Batch download data from SSURGO

I'm using this python code to extract data from the SSURGO database. At the moment I'm doing for a single lat long point. Would it be possible to run the query for a list of coordinates extracted from ...
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Implementation of WMS SOAP Client

I'm currently working on the implementation of a Geospatial Mapping web application. I/We need this to be a WMS SOAP Client, rather than the usual WMS requests via HTTP/REST. In order to ...
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REST API for OGC standards

I can access WMS and WFS using SOAP and XML. Is there an option to access it using REST and JSON? I have gone through the specification and couldn't even find the word REST mentioned once.
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ArcGIS webservice returning only one result when using FindAddressCandidates method [closed]

I am using ArcGIS web service method FindAddressCandidates to fetch matching addresses to the provided input. But the result comes with only the top matching address. All other similar address are ...
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NDVI Web services over Victoria australia

Does anyone know of any web services that are available where you can pass...say a WKT polygon or point and return the mean NDVI or NDVI from that point from an array of the most recent NDVI runs?
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How to create a WCF SOAP web service to find Distance and Direction between two addresses using ArcGIS Online services

I need to create a WCF SOAP service to find out Distance and Direction between two given addresses. I have to use ArcGIS online service for the same. Can you please help me out by providing any ...
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SUDS (SOAP) from the Python console in QGIS

I´m trying to install a SOAP API called SUDS, on a Windows 7 OS, to be able to run SOAP from the QGIS Python console and pyQGIS/Python scripts. The only Python I have installed is the one comming ...
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ArcGIS 10.1 - OD Cost Matrix SOAP Request (Error received)

I've been using Network Analyst in ArcGIS desktop (10.1), and using succesfully some SOAP API operations (findAddressCandidates, GetNALAyerNames, GetSolverParameters, GetSolverParameters2) But now ...
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SOAP url of arcgis service

I basically use REST URL to display feature layer or ArcGISDynamic Service layer and it is commonly promoted by ESRI by their api example. I was wondering since the ArcGIS server also provide SOAP URL ...
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What resources are there to create a WPS from a web app?

I am developing a web app using the Weight of Evidence method and I need to create a web processing service out of it or enable it for web processing services. The code is in C# and includes an ...
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Can't determine what parameters to pass to a OSM2PO SOAP call

I've been experimenting with OSM2PO which is a great little peace of software. Right now though, I'm fumbling with the SOAP WS which I'm trying to use from a JEE web application. I'm not having any ...
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How to get SOAP API Access on an ArcGIS Online Map?

I published a tiled map service to ArcGIS Online. This web site reported that we would be able to access the ArcGIS Online maps via the SOAP API from our applications. I check my first published ...
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Is REST or SOAP better for spatial data analysis

I am working on agriculture forecasting project. It is the integration of SOA, web services, ontologies etc. What is better for spatial data analysis, REST or SOAP? WMS, WFS are used but either use ...
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Why does QueryFeatureIDs return an empty array when querying a Route Event Source?

I'm struggling with using the ESRI SOAP api to perform a spatial filter against a layer with a datatype of 'Route Event Source' Because the number of features returned by a single spatial query could ...
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Determining if Polygon Contains Negative Space using ArcGIS SOAP Web Service?

I am running queries against a polygon layer using the ArcGIS SOAP Web Service. A user selects a point within that layer and the resulting feature set contains PolygonN objects. Occasionally, the ...
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When is it appropriate to use the ArcGIS Server REST API vs. the SOAP API and vice-versa? What do you see as the advantages of one over the other? For example, the SOAP service can be consumed as a ...
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GetLegendInfo SOAP call in ArcGIS Server 10

I am generating a legend for a Silverlight map using the GetLegendInfo method in the ArcGIS 10 SOAP Web Services. The array of MapServerLegendInfo objects that is returned does not contain annotation ...
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How do I generate code from ESRI GPServer wsdl?

I'm trying to use svcutil to generate code from this GPServer wsdl. So I run this command: svcutil GPServer.wsdl Which generates ESRI_Currents_World_GPServer.cs. The code has comments saying the code ...
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