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For Questions which are specific to the country of South Africa.

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Neighborhood boundaries and building footprints for Johannesburg?

Are there any sources for free (or commercial) and distributable neighborhood and building footprint datasets for Johannesburg out there? I've already looked on: Google OpenStreetMap ...
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Coordinate system for South Africa

What coordinate System can I apply to South Africa in GE Smallworld 5.1?The CS units should be in meters. 1.I understand that the datum used is 'hartebeesthoek_1994' , Is it necessary to create '...
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Choosing CRS to use for South Africa that will give map scale in meters in QGIS?

This has been a constant source of frustration for me. I can't seem to always get my map scale in meters in QGIS, even if I use a CRS that has map units of meters, e.g. Alberts Equal Area and others. ...
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Seeking SA Suburbs GIS shapefile?

Can you provide a link to the South Africa Suburbs shapefile or specifically to the Umgungundlovu District Suburbs shapefile? I have browsed the demarcation board but it is not available on http://...
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