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Creating a multidimensional raster (with time) from many rasters in ArcGIS Pro

I'm trying to make a time-enabled object from many annual rasters. The eventual goal is to upload them to ArcGIS Online and have them time-enabled with a slider there. I guess I'm confused about the ...
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Merge Date and Time Columns to a combined Date Column

So my dataset has two columns, Date (type Date) and Time (type Text) as shown in the screenshot below. Now, I would like to merge the two together and then create a new date column using the "Add ...
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Time-Space aquarium with paths

I am trying to reproduce this kind of spatial representation with QGIS. It's a space-time aquarium where each line represents a path compared to time: It is a representation from the Time geography, ...
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Failed Create Space Time Cube from Multidimensional Raster tool

I am creating a space-time cube from global forest watch forest loss data. I have created a multidimensional raster of years from 2001-2020 of forest loss cells. I run the Create Space Time Cube from ...
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Create Space Time Cube From Multidimensional Raster Layer tool missing from ArcGIS Pro

The tool is listed as part of the 'Space Time Pattern Mapping' toolbox, and I can see the other tools within the toolbox, but 'Create Space Time Cube From Multidimensional Raster Layer' does not ...
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Do a "3D" extract from a raster stack at specific space and time location in a sf spatial object

I have a raster stack (or brick) that represent spatial locations as x-y and time as z. I have a spatial points shapefile (sf object) representing events for which I have the spatial localisation (...
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Space time cube producing false zeros

I tried creating a space time cube using "create space time cube from defined locations" using a 1 day time step interval just to create a 3D visual. it runs successfully but the output has a creates ...
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Producing Space-Time Cube in QGIS

Although I have seen many examples about doing this at ArcGIS Desktop, I am still trying to find a how to using QGIS. What I want to do is something like the image below.
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Data format for 'Create Space Time Cube From Defined Locations' in ArcGIS

I'm trying to figure out the way to structure data for Create Space Time Cube From Defined Locations tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.3 (docs). My raw data sits in text files and is handled in R. I'm working with ...
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Space Time Cube in ArcMap, always get invalid file format for output

I am using ArcMap 10.4.1 on Windows 7 to try and create a space time cube to model wildfire spatial/temporal patterns across a portion of Colorado. I always get the error 000814 Invalid file type in ...
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Put together Shapefiles with data for individual years into Multiple Year Space-Time Cube

I have 16 shapefiles (listed above). Each shapefile contains county-level data on mortality rates for years 1999 to 2015, respectively. I organized the mortality rate data in Excel. I joined the ...
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Working with year before 1900 and ArcGIS Space-Time Cube?

I am trying to create a space time cube for 10 years from 1870-1880, but I get this Error: ValueError: year=1873 is before 1900; the datetime strftime() methods require year >= 1900 I tried to ...
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Getting points with prevalence rates into a Space Time Cube for Emerging Hotspot Analysis?

I am working in ArcGIS Desktop 10.4 (advanced license), and also have ArcGIS Pro 1.4 available to me for visualizing in 3D. My goal is to take disease data for a large dataset of points from 10 ...
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Create Space Time Cube in ArcGIS for Desktop? [closed]

I am looking for GIS software that performs space time cube visualization. I am studying the incidence of dengue at data points that represent a collection of ovitraps (traps to catch the mosquitoes' ...
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8 votes
2 answers

FOSS way of creating space time cube?

I've been experimenting with ArcGIS Pro's "Visualizing Space Time Cube" tool but found that there is a feature limitation when I try to publish it via ArcGIS Online. My goal is to publish it on the ...
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Creating space time cube gives ERROR 110015 Unable to read input?

Somehow the create space time cube doesn't work on my project on Philadelphia crime data. The input feature is the point feature "robbery", I named the output as, the time field is one ...
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