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Function that allows transformation, rubber sheeting, and edgematching of data, as well as attribute transfer.

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Spatial adjustment of shapefile in QGIS

I am trying to spatially adjust a shapefile containing several polygons, which slightly shift from its raster image. I want to change these features on accurate location so I am using the Vector ...
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Spatial adjustment using control points in QGIS

I want to spatial adjust a bunch of points using control points. I have two layers. One is the layer I want to move with the control points in it, and another is the layer with target points pairing ...
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Squaring up photo into Google Earth using spatial adjustment

I have a photo such as: that I want to add into a Google Earth map. I know where the image must be: North: 44°16'48.00"N, South: 35°15'0.00"N, East: 4°42'0.00"E, West: 10°1'12.00&...
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Spatial Adjustment of Many Points in Geometric Network

I have been receiving surveyed water valve data and editing our point feature class accordingly. The current procedure is to use the attribute transfer mapping tool and click from source layer to ...
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Spatial Adjustment of shapefile not possible

I am trying to spatially adjust a shapefile containing several polygons to another shapefiles where spatial data is correct. Both should share exactly the same extent. However, when I am using spatial ...
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Georeference vector based on same data as raster?

It sounds complicated, but this approach would be quite simple. I'm just not sure, if I can solve my problem in this easy way. I have a raster image and a set of vector data, that are all not ...
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Snap Points to the lines within specified offset [closed]

I have data of points which are within specific distance to roads e.g. 1m. Now i want to snap the points to the nearest lines which lie within specified distance to the lines What is the best way to ...
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Lining up two layers in Illustrator?

We have an adobe illustrator file with nice base map from ArcMap that has a layer that we made edits to. It is our town local streets with some additions and some subtractions. we export the streets ...
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How to use edge match tool for a larger tolerance? It seems that snapping tolerance didn't work [closed]

When I use edge snapping in spatial adjustment to connect two layers, I find that it works on the lines which are close to each other (about 3 meters). But when the distance became large (about 8 ...
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Using Spatial Adjustment to georeference shapefile?

I am having trouble using spatial adjustment to georeference a shapefile that I created from a CAD drawing to a basemap of satellite imagery. At first, the shapefile had an unknown coordinate system,...
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Select point(s) from given coordinate and move to new coordinate using arcpy

Goal: Move address points to their correct location. Plan: I have a layer of AddressPoints of which some need moved to a new location. I want to take a line layer (called ...
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Match polylines up to polygon

I'm trying to match polyline layer features up to polygon edges in a different layer quickly. I have a huge extent of polygons (river) and separate lines (bank features) that I need to get to follow/...
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Visio to CAD to GIS, How to geo-reference? [closed]

I have CAD file converted from a MS Visio diagram, representing power line cables. Data source has no spatial reference. I converted into shapefile and now I am trying to georeference the vector ...
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Perform Spatial Adjustment or Georefenced using two ArcMaps?

I have DWG files that need to be georeferenced to a known coordinate system because they were from AutoCAD that doesn't have projected coordinate system. I have an JPEG file that I extracted from a ...
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Use Spatial Adjustment text links in Rubbersheet geoprocessing

How can one use the displacement link table created for use in the interactive Spatial Adjustment toolbar with the Rubbersheet Features geoprocessing tool? The toolbar method uses a text file of ...
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Using CAD data that is not to be projected in ArcMap?

I need to incorporate CAD data into my geodatabase but the usual steps seem to require defining a projection or projecting the data in some way. All of my geodatabase's feature classes are in ...
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Adjust a complete shapefile of multiple points on ArcMap taking other few as reference?

I received a shapefile with georeferenced trees, but they didn't use a GPS to get the coordinates (not sure how they did it, some traditional stuff maybe?). So, the position doesn't match exactly on ...
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Georeferencing CAD drawings

I am trying to Georeference CAD Drawing in ArcMap by adding the Control Points. But it is taking a long time to load the CAD file. I could not do snapping and every time I hover over the mouse, it ...
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Georeferencing/Spatial Adjusting of vector river dataset to DEM in ArcGIS

I have a huge dataset of vector river data (over 10'000 rivers) which are saved in a shapefile and were initially derived from a topographic map. However when comparing this vector to DEM data (SRTM ...
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Stretching the polygon layer into another polygon layer [duplicate]

Is there a possibility to stretch the blue layer into the white one? I would like to fit the districts (the blue layer) into the city (the white layer), but I don't have any idea how to do it with ...
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Fitting polylines to their true position using ArcGIS Desktop?

I have a satellite image and CAD data of the same area. The polylines from CAD to not overlay correctly on the satellite image. I want to fix polylines to their true coordinates but I could not fix ...
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Calculating average raster grid values perpendicular to a barrier and transferring values to adjacent cells? [closed]

I was hoping I could get a little help for 2 questions dealing with raster datasets. I have access to ArcMap 10.2 and ArcView 3 to do this. Here is what I am trying to do: 1) I need to calculate an ...
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Warp polygons/lines from distortion grid, or similar

Anyone have any ideas how I might go about warping polygons or line based on point based distortion map? Specifically, let's say I have a (non-regular) point data set. I create a clone of the data ...
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Projecting INEGI shapefiles from Mexico - not lining up [duplicate]

I have two INEGI shapefiles from Mexico (2000 and 2010) that I want to line up with one another. The 2010 file projects in the right location and I would like the 2000 file to match/line up with the ...
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Adjusting GPS collected data to a polyline shapefile [duplicate]

I am collecting data from a GPS that is attached to a car. When I display this data in a map, the set of collected points are supposed to match with the street shapefile. However what I see in my map ...
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Transforming file geodatabase feature classes from custom local coordinate system?

Background: Started working for company that is in middle of system-wide IT upgrade including GIS data. Existing in-house data is in a FileGDB, is in an assumed coordinate system and represents 1000 ...
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Moving two layers at once in QGIS

I'm trying to move two digitized layers, one containing points, the other polygons to a different location at the same time. QGIS doens't seem to allow this. Even if I select both layers and features ...
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How to do spatial adjustment of Line features by edge snapping in ArcGIS?

I have two polyline features of same area which are prepared based on two different raster imagery. Hence the two features are not exactly matched and has some shift. How can I adjust them to overlay ...
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Spatial adjustment for vector shp files in QGIS [duplicate]

How to do spatial adjustment for vector shp files in QGIS? I have a set of 4 cadastral maps of adjacent locations. I have converted them form DWG to DXF and then to vector shapefiles. They are not ...
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Spatial Adjustment - ArcMap

I want to select an edge of parcel instead of creating multiple displacement links. The problem is when selecting the parcel, and the edge of the parcel contains vertices, the links that will be ...
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Georeferencing shapefile using ArcGIS for Desktop?

I have a shapefile with some polygons that I would like to superimpose to a raster image, but unfortunately they don't match perfectly due to the reference system the shp has been created with. So, I ...
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Bug in ArcGIS Spatial Adjustment with Geometric Networks?

I am trying to do spatial adjustment between two datasets as shown in the the figure below. The Pipe line(selected(green color)) is part of a Geometric Network. It has three vertices. When I perform ...
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How can I get a transformation-parameters-report (spatial-adjustment)

In ArcGIS resource center about spatial adjustment (How Transform works), there are transform report like this ! Scale (X,Y) = (249.927,249.927) Rotation (degrees) = (0.362) Translation = (2855....
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How to make two feature layers congruent using ArcGIS for Desktop?

I have two feature layers (polyline/polygon) which should be congruent but there's an offset of about 220 meters. The Georeferencing tool only works with raster layers. How do I do the equivalent ...
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