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Questions tagged [spatial-database]

Spatial database is a database that is optimized to store and query data that is related to objects in space, including points, lines and polygons.

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4 votes
2 answers

Visualize feature class with many relationship classes?

I have a feature class in a geodatabase that I want to review. It has many relationship classes - possibly a hundred or more. If I load the feature class into ArcMap and identify one of the features,...
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MS SQL Spatial as Central Datastore?

I've been working on opening up our spatial data from a proprietry system to one that can be read by more products (MapGuide, ESRI, gvSIG, Map3D etc....) I've decided on using SQL Spatial as we have ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to define a No SQL model for spatial data? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there any way I can use a Key-Value store for geospatial data? I read somewhere about No SQL being a solution for large databases management, the kind that google uses for ...
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Seeking tools for uploading GIS data to database

I would like a nice graphical tool that allows me to take standard GIS data such as shapefiles and KML files and upload them to a database such as PostGIS, MySQL or Oracle. Are there any such tools?
33 votes
5 answers

Does ArcGIS for Desktop support SpatiaLite?

SpatiaLite is playing an increasing role in my organization. As it stood in 2012, using SpatiaLite alongside ArcGIS Desktop required an amount of importing and exporting of data that was not always ...
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APDM - error exporting database from Oracle

I have a fairly large database on a slow network and I am using a third party tool to update data which calculates other fields and so on. I have a guid string with an empty box (weird glyph - seen ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why does SQL job choke on stored package?

I've written a stored package to pull a text file into a table in the geodatabase. It works perfectly. However, when it is a step in a SQL job, the job fails at that step. I'm looking for ideas on ...
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3 answers

Writing a plugin for QGIS using Python to access PostGIS and write geometries

Sorry about the strange title, I didn't really know how to word it. I currently use MapInfo to do most of my GIS work however I have recently installed PostGIS 1.5 and I really like it so far. A ...
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28 votes
3 answers

What is difference between ArcSDE and spatially enabled databases?

When would you want to use ArcSDE (available as ArcGIS Server Basic license level) versus a spatially enabled database? What are the trade-offs on either side? What are the benefits on either side?...
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What are the differences between spatial databases? [closed]

What is the difference between Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, SQLServer2008, SpatiaLite, and MySQL in terms of their spatial support. Are there specific use cases where each shines. What might you want to ...
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9 answers

Choosing database for storing spatial data?

A couple of days ago I installed the demo of spatialware 4.9 from MapInfo into my SQL Server 2005 install and loaded all the larger dataset into it. I was quite impressed with the performance vs the ...
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