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Export ArcGIS spatially enabled dataframe to feature class

I'm working to develop a tool that converts JSON data pulled from an API into a feature class to be stored in an ESRI file geodatabase. I'm currently testing the functionality in a Jupyter notebook ...
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Converting ArcGIS Spatially Enabled Dataframe to GeoJSON

I've got a spatially enabled dataframe (SEDF) I'm trying to convert to a GeoJSON. Normally I do this as a 2 step process by creating a featureclass then converting that into a GeoJSON with SEDF....
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arcgis to_featurelayer() crashes kernel with ImportError: PyCapsule_Import could not import module "datetime" [closed]

My python kernel and ArcGIS both crash when I try to export a spatially enabled DataFrame to a featurelayer or featureclass in one of my virtual environments. In addition to the python and ArcGIS ...
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Converting Pandas DataFrame to spatially enabled DataFrame geometry removes geometry In some cases

I want to convert my Pandas DataFrame with a WKT geometry column to a Spatially Enabled DataFrame (SEDF) and then into a featureclass in a geodatabase; however, sometimes the geometry column in the ...
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Appending SEDF (or arrow table) to Enterprise Feature Class

I have a Notebook that takes a Civil 3D CAD .dwg and converts it to a spatially-enabled dataframe. I want to take that dataframe and append it to an existing feature class in an Enterprise DB. However,...
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