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Spell check tool for layouts in QGIS [closed]

Is there a built-in spell check tool in QGIS? I know spell checking attribute data may be a waste of time; but I would expect a tool for layouts, just to ensure labels etc have a basic sort of check ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Spell checking for ArcMap [closed]

I am jooking for a free spell check for ArcMap 10.1. Someone wrote a VBA for pre-10 here. Is there a way to implement it in 10.1, perhaps writing it in python instead of VBA?
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Spell Check in QGIS [closed]

Does anyone know if QGIS is going to have an in-built spell check as standard in future versions? It is one complaint I get from staff is lack of a spell check. If not has anyone successfully found a ...
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