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Select lines that are no 'islands'

I have one table with several linestrings. I want to select all these linestrings, that do not touch any other linestrings, thus are "islands", are not connected to any other linestring. How ...
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Efficient combination of st_intersects and not st_touches

I'm attempting to an efficient way to find "overlapping" polygons. Specifically we have a bunch of postal code/city/neighborhood data where I specifically don't want the default behavior of ...
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Finding isolated links in a network of links with PostgreSQL

I have a street network from many of links in a PostgreSQL table. Some links have no connection to the network. I want to isolate these links from the network. Each link has a geometry (geom) and id ...
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Join touched lines with point layer in PostGIS

I have a road layer and point layer. How can I merge touching lines into one line where the lines intersects the points (delete pseudo nodes)?
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Checking if result of st_difference is empty

I am trying to select lines that completely touch a polygon (not at just a single point). I would assume it would be a simple case of st_isempty(st_difference(geom_a,geom_b)). However, this is not the ...
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Performance optimization of ST_Touches

The query I am running is taking a considerable amount of time. I was wondering whether I am missing an opportunity to drastically improve performance. My goal is to find out how many neighboring ...
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