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Related to the SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC-spec)

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PySTAC: getting the Catalogue from the Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem

I am trying to retrieve the product catalogue from the Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem (CDSE) using the STAC API and PySTAC. Following the PySTAC tutorial, I tried the following: from pystac import ...
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Delete item from pgSTAC - using psql or pypgstac

I'm working with a pgSTAC database and trying to figure out how to remove two specific items. I've loaded items using pypgstac, but didn't see a way to accomplish a delete operation with that tool. So,...
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Error in downloading Sentinel 2 images rstac with sf::gdal_utils

I'm trying to follow the example providede here to download Sentinel 2 data from a defined bounding box determined by a custom shapefile that ...
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the main difference between using sentinel-hub API and free STAC API for getting to sentinel 2 images [duplicate]

I'm a bit confused. What is the main difference between using the Sentinel Hub API and the free STAC API for downloading Sentinel-2 satellite images? Are there any advantages to using the paid ...
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Unable to extract temperature values based on lat, lon from STAC CMIP6 data

I am using Microsoft Planetary Computer in Google Colab to extract Tasmax data from a CMIP6 ACCESS-CM2 model. I have the coordinates of multiple cities across the world and I am trying to get the ...
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Saving a STAC - Error in the Item (float32)

I keep getting this error no matter what I do or change when trying to save the catalog. To my knowledge, I don't have a random float somewhere in my code. I do not even know where to begin to debug ...
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Handle Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem STAC Catalog

I'm trying to handle CDSE's STAC Catalog using my esperience with Microsoft Planetary Computer. With MPC I'm be able to download all I need but I can't do the same thing with CDSE. I've builded a ...
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Store remote sensing metadata created from STAC into PostgreSQL/PostGIS

I have created some STAC catalogs for remote sensing data (Landsat, etc.) that I would like to store in PostgreSQL/PostGIS for easier access and management. How would I import the STAC created ...
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Landsat from Planetary Computer unexpectedly turns up all no data in some regions

Using some code that gathers Landsat 8 collections from Microsoft Planetary Computer into Open Data Cube xarray using a stac search works fine in some regions but in others returns all nan values. ...
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How to authenticate to download images from

I am building a QGIS plugin in Python to fetch Landsat images from this STAC server: I need to be able to download the thumbnails, but cannot find how to ...
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Querying CDSE stac via python

I'm trying to query Sentinel 2 data from the "new" CDSE stac (docs are here). The docs seems very low level and without any working example code. The problem I am facing is the only response ...
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Authenticating against Earth Search API or STAC API to get raster images

I'm fairly new to the GIS domain and must query the Earth Search API to get some imagery. these endpoints do not require authentication: https://sat-...
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How to build STAC of local raster files?

How to build a stac index for geotiff and other rasters on local file systems and Windows server shares? It would later be consumed by something like stac-browser
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"GDALWarpOptions.Validate(): hSrcDS is not set" when reading a VRT pointing to a STACTA

Using I was trying to read a VRT. This VRT pointed to another VRT and this in turn pointed to a STACTA file. This error message appeared: rasterio.errors.RasterioIOError: Read or write ...
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Pixel value differences in image downloaded through STAC api & Sentinel hub api

I downloaded same tile from AWS & Sentinel API. I compared pixel values for both and they differ by 1000. For example, consider red band. The value at 0,0 (row,column) for the image from Sentinel ...
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Create STAC catalog file for my s3 bucket

I have s3 private bucket which contains .tif files. Now, I need to create STAC file like the following:
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How can I cover an AOI with a subset of image extents?

I’ve been experimenting with a problem that I have not found a friendly and simple solution for yet. Curious to know if any of you have already solved this problem. Given a AOI and a set of image ...
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Data indexing from DEAfrica STAC is not working

I am trying to index some Sentinel-1 data from the DEAfric STAC catalogue and have added the product using the following command docker-compose exec jupyter datacube product add https://raw....
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Intake-STAC: KeyError: 'open_stac_item_collection'

I downloaded the AWS Earth search notebook from the intake-stac examples and whithout changing anything. Just run the cells... But I've got everytime the error: KeyError: 'open_stac_item_collection' ...
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Is there any STAC catalog available for Sentinel-2 data on Google Cloud?

We are looking for a fast and optimum way of discovering and downloading Sentinel-2 data from Google Cloud using Python. We have tried using index data in BigQuery and it works. However, we have also ...
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What is the difference in purpose between STAC and OGC services?

I am confused about the purpose of the Spatiotemporal Asset Catalog. How does it differ from OGC services which specify accessing data through various services? Is it another service?
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