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Stratified random sampling in R

I want to generate 5 pairs of random points per each stratum. I have 4 strata that represent different rock types. For each rock type i want to generate 5 random points and to each random point I want ...
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1 answer

Random sampling In Google Earth Engine

I want to select random 90000 pixels/points from region of interest wherever there is built-up area. To my surprise when I print number of pixels selected it shows only 1044. I am literally lost how ...
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Creating fishnet based on DMS Coordinates

I am trying to create a random sampling map of an ocean area. To do this, I would like to create cells that are 1' x 1' in size (one minute by one minute in DMS). My map is using WGS 1984 Web Mercator ...
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Sampling random points over each class of a Classification in GEE

I performed an Unsupervised Classification in GEE and I have 3 classes. I need to create random points in each class in order to draw a histogram of spectral signature later. In line 150 of the script ...
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Designing stratified random sampling considering two or more shapefiles in QGIS

I have two different shapefiles, one containing field boundaries other is a soil class. I want to choose stratified random sampling points (around 200 points) which will be representative of both ...
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How to add a randomColumn to a Feature Collection while maintaining strata in Google Earth Engine?

I am creating training and test data for a Random Forest model using Google Earth Engine (Python API). I have used stratifiedSample() to create a Feature Collection of sample points within my training ...