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Using ee.Image.stratifiedSample with .smileRandomForest produces type error (python)

Can you advise me on how to correctly use .stratifiedSample to prep input for .smileRandomForest, using Google Earth Engine (GEE) Python API? I'm trying to create training data with .stratifiedSample. ...
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Stratified random sampling in R

I want to generate 5 pairs of random points per each stratum. I have 4 strata that represent different rock types. For each rock type i want to generate 5 random points and to each random point I want ...
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Random sampling In Google Earth Engine

I want to select random 90000 pixels/points from region of interest wherever there is built-up area. To my surprise when I print number of pixels selected it shows only 1044. I am literally lost how ...
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Creating fishnet based on DMS Coordinates

I am trying to create a random sampling map of an ocean area. To do this, I would like to create cells that are 1' x 1' in size (one minute by one minute in DMS). My map is using WGS 1984 Web Mercator ...
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Sampling random points over each class of a Classification in GEE

I performed an Unsupervised Classification in GEE and I have 3 classes. I need to create random points in each class in order to draw a histogram of spectral signature later. In line 150 of the script ...
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Designing stratified random sampling considering two or more shapefiles in QGIS

I have two different shapefiles, one containing field boundaries other is a soil class. I want to choose stratified random sampling points (around 200 points) which will be representative of both ...
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How to add a randomColumn to a Feature Collection while maintaining strata in Google Earth Engine?

I am creating training and test data for a Random Forest model using Google Earth Engine (Python API). I have used stratifiedSample() to create a Feature Collection of sample points within my training ...
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