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A subclass, "derived class", heir class, or child class is a modular, derivative class that inherits one or more language entities from one or more other classes (called superclasses, base classes, or parent classes).

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What is the hierarchical structure of the ArcPy Geometry class?

I'm trying to learn about ArcPy's geometry class. From my limited experience, it seems like there is a hierarchical nature to the components of a geometry: import arcpy connection = "Database ...
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Creating a subclass that inherits from an ArcPy superclass?

I would like to create a subclass that inherits methods from the arcpy Describe class, as in: import arcpy class my_sublass(arcpy.Describe): pass However, arcpy.Describe is a function (that ...
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What object argument to use in subclass definitionIn if subclassing ArcPy Spatial Reference class?

I want to do something like the following: class SubClassOfSpatialReference(arcpy_spatial_reference_object): def __init__(self, input_data): ... etc. Can I even do this and, if so, what is the ...
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