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Using GIS as a research tool

I am currently doing an assignment and I am using QGIS in order to visualize and assess where wind turbines can go in a specific area. I've done everything that needs to be done to get to this point, ...
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How to obtain a suitability map by combining an exclusion map and weighted overlay map

I currently have 2 map outputs (1) A classified map (weighted factors) (2) An exclusion map I intend to obtain a suitability map by combining the map 2 (the exclusion map) with map 1 (the weighted ...
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Seeking alternative to ArcGIS Pro Split tool

Using ArcGIS Pro for references: I have a polygon feature converted from raster that covers a large area produced by a suitability analysis. There are a lot of little shapes (11,932 total) within the ...
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How to create suitability map from categorical raster and Euclidean distance raster in ArcMap [closed]

If I want to create a suitability model for site location based on soil drainage and proximity to water features, what tool would I use? As well, would there be a way to add in a third raster if I ...
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Removing the underlying polygons to only get the top polygon

I'm trying to do a suitability analysis in ArcGIS Pro but I've seem to run into a problem with overlaying polygons that shouldn't be overlaying. I put all the data into a weighted sum and then divided ...
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Problem with Euclidean distance in ArcGIS

In ArcGIS 10.7.1, when I run the Euclidean distance it completes but the result is blank and doesn't show anything in data view and the distance in table of content is 0. When running the Euclidean ...
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how to run batch process for vector shapefiles

I am kind of new at this. I ran a gis operation using python, where by I performed euclidean distance for specific state road, river and towns data and reclassified them showing good and bad areas ...
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Multi Criteria Evaluation implemented via a website

I'm wondering if there are any websites where spatial multi-criteria evaluation can be performed by a user selecting criteria from their web browser and the result being presented as an online map. ...
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Why do moving window neighborhood analysis when building habitat model using ArcGIS Desktop?

I am currently developing a habitat model within ArcGIS Desktop for coyotes as a final project. One of the papers I read for my research did something similar, but they used a moving neighborhood ...
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Weighted sum vs Weighted overlay

I´m working on a suitability analysis for which I´m doing a sensitivity analysis. When I modify the weights for this analysis I have values with decimals, so I can´t use "weighted overlay" tool. ...
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Suitability Analysis with Raster Calculator and Weighted Values

I am trying to perform a suitability analysis based on certain criteria which I have rasters of. I would like to use the Raster Calculator function in ArcMap to determine suitability scores in a given ...
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Issue with Weighted Raster Overlay Service for Suitability Modeler Widget

I'm attempting to build a hosted Weighted Raster Overlay Service (WRO) in ArcGISPro to use in AWAB's Suitability Modeler Widget. I've downloaded the Weighted Raster Overlay Service toolbox via THIS ...
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Performing Suitability Analysis using ArcGIS Desktop? [closed]

I'm new to GIS (using ArcGIS 10.4) and stuck on the following problem: I need a way to find ideal locations for supermarkets that will service the most people possible based on proximity (as the crow ...
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using MCA in GIS for suitability analysis [closed]

I have an essay about using MCD methods to solve suitability analysis. I must write a scenario about fuzzy membership, WLC and AHP. I feel that I’m confused about when and where to use each method. ...
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Suitability Analysis using QGIS? [closed]

I want to do an overlay analysis to find most suitable locations to live in an area. My criteria are road network, water lines, hospital locations, and schools. My steps are: Convert all layers to ...
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Raster Calculator Workaround in Arcpy for Suitabiliy Analysis

This is my first attempt at a complex stand alone python code. I am self teaching the arcpy module, well at least attempting to. I am having a great deal of difficulty getting my site suitability ...
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