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A 2D and 3D surface modeling software distributed by Golden Software

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Surfer Grid Contour - Inserting a buffer (river) to contours?

Using Surfer, I am making contours using a grid. I have a river running through my extent, that I need the contours to not cross over. How can I create this buffer? I can add a shapefile of the river ...
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Interpolate underwater quality data with QGIS as with Surfer with Kriging method [closed]

I'm trying to interpolate conductivity data form a coastal area about 4-6 square km from a series of 10-20 probe wells more or less equally distributed. I have access to a licensed Surfer and to QGIS ...
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Surfer Null Island data issue

I'm trying to troubleshoot why my data is going to Null Island. I'm using Surfer for the first time. I have a .csv of several dozen points collected in WGS84, UTM Zone 16N. I've verified that the ...
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Need to assemble a matrix from several ASCII GRD files

I am totally new to GIS software. I would like to consolidate 205 ASCII GRDs files (the file format of Golden Software's "Surfer") into a single big GRD file or just a big matrix of (about 2400 rows ...
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Calculating mean of Z in ROI in Surfer

I was wondering if it was possible to calculate the mean of Z in a ROI in a Surfer Contour map. To be more precise, I have the map of a chemical element of an object that I converted into a XYZ ...
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Strange output of Kriging standard deviation

For my thesis I am interpolating some 4000 boreholepoints via Kriging to try and visualize a geological layer under the ground level. Since I know there is a strong trend in my data (SW-NE slope) I ...
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Adding topography to base maps using Surfer?

I want to add the topography map with extension (BLN) to my the map which I create it using the Surfer prog, I put only the country board. How can I add the topography maps as a background using the ...
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Difference between Save As and Convert in Surfer?

Is there any difference in the file saved when using "Save As" compared to "Convert" to save/convert a Surfer .grd as an ASCII .asc grid?
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How to turn polygon into base layer in Surfer 14?

How do I turn a polygon I have drawn into a base layer in Surfer 14? In Surfer 12, I used to be able to select my Base Map --> Digitise --> Select Polygon --> Digitise the Polygon Extents --> Export ...
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Create DEM from either few points or contours without elevation attributes

I have DWG file that contains couple of layers, among others I have "elevations" layer (that consists of only 80 points) and "contours" layer that can be seen on the images below. My goal is to make ...
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How to extract DEM files from google Earth/Map for surfer?

I will need to do a 3D representation of a terrain and I heard surfer is ideal, but then I do not have a DEM file of the region, I know Google Earth and Map could help, but I do not know how? If there ...
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Using raster values from QGIS (Point Sampling Tool) vs Surfer (Grid Residuals) [closed]

I have a grid/raster file, interpolated using triangulation method in Surfer (Golden Software). When I contour the file (either in Surfer or QGIS), the contours are basically identical. I have a ...
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Surfer problem - overlapping grd bln

I have the following problems with Surfer: 1, I have a grid file and a bln but i'm not sure that they overlap each other exactly. I set the coordinate system with grd and bln! (WGS84) but there is no ...
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