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Up-to-date Sweden geolocation of postcode

I am trying to calculate distance between postcode in Sweden. But Sweden is changing post codes every year since 2012, and no an open database is up-to-date. (Source : Here : https://www....
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Reproducing SWEREF99 to ITRF2014 Transformation using cct

The Swedish Geodetic Agency Lantmateriet provides a document (see references) with a procedure for transforming coordinates between ITRF2014 and SWEREF99. The document also provides and example of the ...
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Seeking parcel boundaries data for Germany or Sweden? [closed]

I'm trying to find parcel data (property boundaries) in a GIS format. I tried googling and nothing is coming up. I would pay for a vendor like CoreLogic or ReportAll that have parcel data only in the ...
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Empty result when geocoding address in Sweden using MMQGIS

I am trying to geocode an address in QGIS. I am aware of the MMQGIS Plugin and I have been trying to use that. The dialogue window appears as though it is catered to US addresses as it contains a ...
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Seeking road network of Sweden with speed limits

I need road network data of Sweden with the speed limit of each segment of the road. I downloaded it from but unfortunately, there are a lot of missing values there. Is ...
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GIS data in Sweden [closed]

Does anyone know where to obtain GIS data relating to Swedish postcodes - shapefiles, population and point location data? I'm interested in both open data and licenced (purchased) data if it is ...
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Why difference between Google Earth and QGIS distance measurement?

I am quite new to QGIS. I wanted to test if Google Earth and QGIS distance measurement tools are actually getting the same results. Turns out, they don't -at least not in my case. I'm pretty sure ...
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Norwegian and Swedish Coastline/Shoreline Types GIS Data

I am looking for a data source for Coastline or Shoreline data of Norway and Sweden. I have this data for Denmark, and it specifies the coastline type such as: - Man made - Rocky - Sandy - Vegetated/...
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Strange names of swedish cities [duplicate]

I got a GIS Data-set for swedish cities. The problem is that they have strange names such as: Trädet Jäla Mjönäs Älmhult Did someone have the samoe problems? I think "ö" for instance mean ...
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Watershed layers with names for each one for Europe or Sweden?

I am working on freshwater species and I would like, make a list of each watersheds used for each species. So I am looking for a watershed maps which contain name of the watershed. I found some good ...
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Seeking 4-band satellite imagery?

I'm looking for good quality, fine resolution 4-band satellite photos of Sweden for academic use (and I'm willing to pay for it). What I'm after is as detailed as possible photos of certain part of ...
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