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For questions related to the table-to-excel tool in ArcGIS software applications.

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Exporting layer features in existing Excel file with given column order in QGIS

When Exporting Layer attributes to Excel, file columns are arranged as per their back-end database. I want to export layer attributes to excel and I want the columns to be arranged in specific order ...
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Can ArcMap use Excel equations in the attribute tables?

I am very new to ArcMap and am learning as I go. I am trying to have one Column be the current date. In Excel I used "=Today()" and that clearly works fine but it does not seem to be ...
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Access MDB connection file result does not have an object ID in ArcGIS 10.8

I have made an MDB Access Connection by linking the Excel file with the Access one, but when I looked at the result in ArcMap the feature class table does not have an Object ID on it. I tried to ...
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Why Table to Excel tool does not work properly in ArcGIS Pro? [closed]

I have been using a Python/ArcPy code use to generate many Excel files (.xlsx) from shapefiles. After the last Pro update end users start complaining that they get message when they try to open those ...
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