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An ongoing satellite mission to generate a global digital elevation model (among other data).

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Getting local incidence angle map from SAR-Imagery?

I have a dual pol TanDEM-X imagery with a bi-static acquisition mode. To calculate the vertical wavenumber, I need a local incidence angle map of the Master and Slave image. As a first step I co-...
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Choosing DEM in France?

I'm working in France. I thought the TanDEM-X was a free and open DEM but that does not seem to be the case. According to a few websites, the most famous free DEMs seem to be ASTER GDEM, SRTM, X-SAR ...
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Looking for (nearly) worldwide elevation data

I know the raw ASTER and SRTM datasets. Is there any error corrected version available? Or did anybody already combine the data? At least the ASTER data often misses tiles for costal regions (if there ...
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How to create a digital elevation map?

I am very new to Quantum GIS, I want to create a digital elevation map a particular region, I would very much appreciate if some one gives me a step by step procedure. Thank you edit by Martin: I ...
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