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How to translate unknown old coordinates from a 1934 map of Tanzania?

I have a old map depicting Tanzania, dated 1934, with X and Y coordinate values. I wish to translate these locations precisely into latitude and longitude (degrees, minutes, and seconds), or any ...
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Downloading map of each region of Tanzania?

I need to download good resolution map of each region (total 30 according to wiki) of Tanzania. The maps should contain major roads, thematic land cover and landmarks. This map of Tanzania may help ...
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Seeking building footprints for informal settlement in Tanzania? [closed]

How/where can I find building footprint for Mwanza Area in Tanzania? The specific area is more informal so no data on OpenStreetMap. The KML file are in the link below.
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Identify Coordinate Reference System in Tanzania?

I'm trying to georeference this map, but I don't recognise the CRS. It is for a region of Tanzania. Here is the image on imgur in case Stack Exchange compresses the image. How would I go about IDing ...
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