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Automatically run Python scripts with QGIS closed [closed]

I have set up a Python script (.py) that runs manually in the QGIS interface (3.28.15). Is it possible to call this script and run it automatically at predefined intervals (example 1 time per day with ...
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QGIS - Connect to DB using Task Manager (problem)

As I have a lot of layers, I am writing a plugin that will import layers through TaskManager. Script imports layers successfully into the project with some minor problems. When layers are loaded I can ...
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PyQGIS task manager not working

I'm trying to do simple thing as running plugin that load layers and show loading bar at the same time as the loading process takes awhile. I'm trying to use QGIS task manager with no success.. This ...
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Is there a way to see how far a task has gotten?

The current task (creating a density map of buildings in urban areas in Africa) has been running for nearly 5 days, is there a way of working out how long it might take? var buildings = ee....
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Batch loading QgsRasterLayer within a QgsTask

When I try to load many huge rasterlayer into QGIS it blocks the UI. So I try to implement a QGIS-batch-raster-loading task in order to keep QGIS responsive. Calling the task itself from within my ...
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Is there a plugin for autocreating code from actions like in SPSS?

I want to be able to change an edit I did 4 steps ago without having to redo all those 4 steps. Is this possible in a more accessible format than PyQGIS maybe through a plugin?
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5 votes
1 answer

Progress reporting in QGIS 3.0

I would like to provide the user of a plugin with progress status using messages and a progress bar. My plugin processes several files using memory files, processing, writing to disk etc. It all ...
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4 votes
4 answers

Issues with QgsTask and task manager

I am trying to use the task manager to run a long operation (uploading layer to a GeoServer instance, for the Geoserver Explorer plugin), but I am finding some issues. Here is the code that I am ...
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0 answers

What happens when you press cancel on a QgsTask?

I'm trying to get the "cancel" to work for my QgsTask, I have created a simple example to illustrate, When I press the "x" i want it to print reslut: None values: False, hence it just finishes without ...
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