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How to set save location to 'CURRENT' GDB in ArcGIS Pro Tasks

I'm new to authoring tasks, and now that I'm attempting to use my task in a second project, the saves are being directed to the GDB I was in when I created the Task. How can I dynamically assign save ...
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Submit the task in Google Earth Engine Python client

I use the GEE Python client to perform image fusion. There are two nested for loops, in the end, I use the ee.batch.export.toDrive method to create the task. However, each task consumes a significant ...
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Earth Engine terminate ALL Google Drive export tasks

I have a bunch of tasks leftover from my previous session that I don't need anymore. But since these are waiting in a queue, my new exports are waiting for the previous ones to finish first. Is there ...
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Encounter Error: Internal error (Error Code: 13) when trying to export NAIP imagery

When running the script below I get the following result on the tasks tab: var area = ee.Geometry.Rectangle(-120.25, 36.45, -119.65,37.05) //Extracted Area // Load four 2012 NAIP quarter quads, ...
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QgsTask.fromFunction not running on_finished method unless an exception is raised in the task

I'm trying to create a task to process some geometry intersections in a QGIS plugin I've created. I'm following 15.2.2 Task from function from the PyQgis Developer cook book exactly as its shown. I ...
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Batch loading QgsRasterLayer within a QgsTask

When I try to load many huge rasterlayer into QGIS it blocks the UI. So I try to implement a QGIS-batch-raster-loading task in order to keep QGIS responsive. Calling the task itself from within my ...
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QgsTask in PyQGIS Standalone Application

I'm playing around with the task examples from the QGIS documentation: Besides the typo at the bottom (dosomething instead of ...
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Error while running gdal:polygonize as a background task

I am trying to run gdal:polygonize as a background task, but I am getting QGIS crashing and giving me this error: QGIS died on signal 11ptrace: Operation not permitted. No thread selected No stack. ...
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Running and scheduling processing jobs in QGIS 3?

Basically I want to write a script that would run on a daily basis on QGIS 3. This tutorial seems to have exactly what I want but the tutorial only works for QGIS 2. QGIS Tutorials and Tips | ...
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Capture non-attribute user input in ArcGIS Pro task

I am trying to write an ArcGIS Pro task that involves one or more data layers. However, the exact number of layers may vary between runs. Sometimes the data may be in one file, other times there may ...
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Suppress QgsTask "Task Complete" notification

I'm following the Extending QgsTask example to create a custom QgsTask. However, I don't want it to display the Task Complete notification* every time the task completes successfully. Is it possible ...
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Progress reporting in QGIS 3.0

I would like to provide the user of a plugin with progress status using messages and a progress bar. My plugin processes several files using memory files, processing, writing to disk etc. It all ...
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Batch task execution in Google Earth Engine

I need to make tens of clipped portions of an image, so I uploaded the boundaries in my assets and then loaded them all in code editor and did the clips with a for loop and exported them to the cloud. ...
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ArcGIS Pro Ribbon and Button for Task?

If seen, that the Tasks is a good way to configure workflows for customers. Is there a way to put a button to a group of a tab on the ribbon that starts a previously built task?
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GeoKettle and scheduling transformations / jobs?

Is there any possibility to schedule a transformation or job with GeoKettle? I would like to perform the same task every day.
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Do ArcGIS Pro tasks support Python Toolbox tools which operate on Map Frames?

Do ArcGIS Pro tasks support Python Toolbox tools which operate on Map Frames? The reason I ask is that I am stuck when trying to do the following: Start ArcGIS Pro 1.1.1 Create a new project - I ...
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