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Examples of pytest-qgis github pipeline?

I just found pytest-qgis, I added a few tests locally, working nicely! I'm just curious has anyone used it in a Github Pipeline, to test a QGIS plugin? When I try to run it I get ModuleNotFoundError: ...
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Testing plugin out of QGIS

There is a testing folder in the plugin's directory. Is there a way to launch tests outside the QGIS (without launching QGIS at all)?
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Method for testing difference in raster attributes between polygons

Say I have a raster with attribute values over some spatial area. Also, say I have circular polygons of varying sizes contained within the raster's area. What would be the proper method to test if the ...
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Unit testing and fixtures for ArcGIS

I have been unable to find any existing repositories or modules for building fixtures and doing unit testing for ArcGIS. I don't think this is a part of computer science that GIS has fully embraced, ...
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Looking for WFS-T which data I can edit in QGIS for testing purposes

I'm in a situation where I have to make sure, that a WFS-T solution for qgis works on my office-desktop here in a secured network, before the responsible IT-department can creates an environment with ...
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WCS 1.1.1 OGC Complaint Test Failed in Team Engine [closed]

I have been testing my GeoServer 2.12.1 for OGC Compliant to WCS 1.1.1 Standard. But I got following errors while testing with the OGC Team Engine. How do I resolve the issues? wcs:...
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Can FGDC Status Checker be set to private?

I am currently using the FGDC Status checker to track the health and status of my ArcGIS Services. It works great, other than the fact that the test results and REST ...
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Sample data for testing GEOS bindings

Similarly to this question (Is there a source for free CSV files with geo data and other desired fields?) I am working on testing an open source set of bindings for the GEOS project and would like to ...
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Writing test suite for QGIS standalone application?

I have a rather simple QGIS standalone Python app (2.8.2, Windows 7/64), with some published methods to create different types of geometric primitives (rectangles, circles). class MyApp(QMainWindow, ...
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Solution for Test Automation for web gis/mapping application?

I've to find a solution for test automation for web gis/mapping application that using OpenLayers 2.x or Leaflet as javascript libraries. I'm oriented on evaluate Selenium WebDriver (or other similar ...
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Testing tools to simulate user map browsing / stress test tile server?

are there any online/offline tools that would simulate user map browsing behavior, possibly concentrating on certain areas or random? I am trying to stress test a tile server.
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Automate testing of web app based on ArcGIS JS API

So, there are multiple products that can let you automate testing interaction with web pages. I have used Selenium IDE for some time now and it works great for creating unit tests for HTML elements on ...
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GML Simple Feature compliance test

I'm in the process of defining a GML schema from a database schema, the idea is for it to be GML simple feature compliant. However I can't find a way to confirm this compliance other than reading the ...
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Geometry Projection Speed Test

Lately I've been using the OGR projection classes that come with ogr/gdal, but pyproj was recommended to me, so I thought I'd give it a try. To help me decide if I should make the switch, I did a ...
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