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Tile file number in subfolder doesn't equal to the subfolder number in the folder exported from MapTiler engine

From the document from MapTiler (, The map tiles are structured into folders, and the final tile ...
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White bar with empty data after creating Tile Cache in ArcGIS Pro

When I try to create a Tile Cache using a custom Tiling Scheme I get an output that misses part of the data. The source data is not missing this data. Any idea why this is happening?
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Annotations to Tile scheme in British National Grid

I am trying to export annotations as a tile in ArcGIS Pro, to be used in conjunction with an OS base map in ArcGIS Online. I need the tile to be exported in British National Grid. Below is the auto ...
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Visualizing OpenStreetMap tiling scheme in QGIS

OpenStreetmap uses a tiling scheme which is adapted to usual access patterns, as shown in the figure below. I would like to visualize it, as shown in the figure, in QGIS. Any suggestions on how can I ...
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Serving Tiles of format {z}/{x}/{-y}.png in Openlayers version 6.3.1

I am facing a problem in serving the map tiles in Openlayers the format for the tiles is {z}/{x}/{-y}.png but when i try to add this url into the tile source it is giving me the following error ...
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Adding an EPSG:2056 WMTS layer to Cesium

I can implement EPSG:4326 WMTS layers to my Cesium App like this: const imageryProvider = new this.Cesium.WebMapTileServiceImageryProvider({ url: "", ...
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GeoWebCache Layer name is appended with SRS

I am trying to display ESRI Tiled Cache on the browser using GeoWebCache and OpenLayers. I am following these instructions to serve arcgis exploded cached tiles as a service.I have successfully ...
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Construction of R-tree data structure for tiling polygon vector data

Because it is better for irregular distributed data, I want to create tiles using r-tree for my dataset. My dataset consists of 1214 polygons which represents building foorprints. After doing some ...
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What should a scheme file contain in ManageTilecache_management?

I am trying to create a big google kml tiles by using several small mosaic. While doing that in a python command I am having problem with a "Import_scheme". Can anybody help me about this ...
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Displaying map tiles from GeoPackage

Is it possible to translate tile requests from a mapping engine wanting Google Map style tiles into tile requests from a geopackage file? If not, where can I find information about how to create a ...
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How to split a geotiff into a standard tiling scheme with Geotools in Java

I would like to tile random geotiffs to a standard grid, with a standard size of 256X256 using Geotools in java. My use case is as follows: I receive a "stream" of raster data in the form of multiband ...
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Add WMTS (GRB) to Arcgis Silverlight application

I want to simply add the WMTS of the GRB (agiv belgium) to my ArcGIS silverlight application (in xaml). I have found and succesfully tested the sample code on the arcgis developers website, but when I ...
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How to use tiles in this strange tiling scheme?

I'm looking at cell coverage maps such as this one, and trying to figure out how to get a GIS program to use it as a source of information. Ultimately, I need to be able to combine the output with ...
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