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A time zone is an area which observes a uniform standard time. Use this tag for questions about dates, times or datetimes containing a timezone if the question is mainly about the timezone or the timezone is part of the issue.

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ArcPy ConvertTimeZone() - how to conditionally use this function

I want to create a script that looks at a date field, sees the timezone, and then converts it to PST if it's in UTC (and leave it alone if it's already in PST). I'm having issues with the "if&...
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add 2 hours to a varchar column containing timestamp [duplicate]

I have a qgis varchar column that is used to store timestamp in this format : HH-MM-SS. I would like to add 2 hours to every entries. 08:30:45 would become 10:30:45. Is there a way to convert these ...
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Changing timezone of features attribute

When adding a feature I am adding a Datetime field to the layer (its of type memory layer). I set up the widget to also add the timezone: But: when adding a feature it does not let me change the ...
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Removing the time zone from datetime field in QGIS

How can I get rid of the time zone in the date/time field? So I have a GeoPackage with the following data: and want to get just 2021-06-07 16:25:40
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