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QGIS 3.10 PyQGIS . Snapping tolerance units (Equivalence pixels - length units)

Lately I have been dealing with snappings in QGIS. I have been able, with help of people from this site, and also, having a look at other peoples plugins, to ensemble a small plugin with forms. My ...
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Setting XY tolerance in a feature class doesn't prevent creation of vertices distanced less than the defined tolerance

What I want is to do is to create a feature class where I am not allowed to create a new vertex if it's closer than 5m. to another vertex. In a geodatabase, I create a feature class setting the XY ...
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Is expressing XYTolerance in degrees an oxymoron?

Given: an ArcGIS featureclass whose spatialreference is a geographic coordinate system (GCS), and an XYTolerance expressed in decimal degrees. Find: a way to union (i.e. dissolve) adjacent polygons ...
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How to store a featureclass's Domain, Resolution and Tolerance when migrating to PostGIS?

I'd like to copy a featureclass from an Esri Geodatabase into PostGIS and have it retain the Domain, XY Resolution and XY Tolerance values associated with it. I don't see a table in PostGIS (or in the ...
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GeoPandas gaps after dissolve

I have a GeoDataFrame and I use dissolve to remove polygon boundaries. forests_dis = forests.dissolve(by='Forest').explode() But there are gaps in the output (black lines). If I zoom a lot, then I ...
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Increase tolerance of QGIS processing tools

I have 2 line layers in QGIS 3.22.0 and I create a 10cm-buffer around line layer A (red) perform a difference of line layer B (blue) with the buffer of layer A (light red) As a result I get 1 ...
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R Raster merge tolerance

So this seems to be an issue because I've seen several questions concerning errors when merging or mosaicking rasters in r, including mine. Sometimes I have no issues merging rasters and others I get ...
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Oracle Spatial - SDO_GEOM.RELATE Inconsistencies

I'm using Oracle 12.2 (12c) and encountering some inconsistent results with the SDO_GEOM.RELATE function. When I run the following code to check if two points are equal on the projected Irish grid, ...
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Increasing click selection tolerance in ArcGIS Online

Will the 2016 solution listed at Increase FeatureLayer click tolerance work in Web App Builder (ArcGIS Online) or perhaps a newer solution exists? We have valid feedback: I am having a little trouble ...
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Why QGIS/PostGIS makes Sliver / small polygon when using erase (difference) tool unlike ArcGIS (QGIS vs ArcMap)?

When erasing b polygon from a, sliver(or small) polygons occured along the a polygon boundary in QGIS(3.4.5). But ArcMap(10.3) does not make any slivers at all. I don't know which difference between ...
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SDO_GEOM.RELATE with EQUAL mask returns false for same WKT

I am trying to compare two geometries from two different tables and find all the different with the specified tolerance. I'm using WHERE sdo_geom.relate(gs.shape, 'mask=EQUAL',p.shape,0.002) = 'FALSE'...
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Snapping line layer to line layer

I'm working on a project where I need to snap an existing line layer to a different line layer. These lines represent streams and rivers. I'm working within QGIS Maderia 3.4 LTR. I've tried using the ...
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Remove tolerance in PostGIS requests

I just read the problems similar to mine on this forum, but no solution helped me. To put it simply, I use ST_Touches in an algo in PHP that allows me to test if two points touch. Here is the query: ...
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Lines and polygons intersection with tolerance in QGIS

I have a layer with polygons and a layer with polylines. I am looking for the list of polygons crossed by the polylines. Just here it's relatively simple: intersection function. That said, the layout ...
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ogr2ogr: Transformation from NAD27 to WGS84 not working

I'm trying to use ogr2ogr to transform from NAD27 to WGS84 and check the precision afterwards. For that, I used a GML file with coordinates -124.0, 48.0 It looks like this: { "type": "...
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Not snapping to Guides in ArcGIS Pro?

I have a layout created with (layout)snapping on and set to snap to guides only. I have a series of rectangles for my title block. Depending on the information within the rectangles, I may need to ...
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File Geodatabase XY Resolution and XY Tolerance

At Limiting XYZ Geometry Drift I found the description of XY Resolution and XY Tolerance in ArcGIS. My cadastral data in shapefile format have an accuracy of 1 cm. If I want to work with my data in a ...
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