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Questions tagged [topocentric]

A topocentric coordinate system is a 3-D Cartesian system having mutually perpendicular axes U, V, W with an origin on or near the surface of the Earth...

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Convert geodetic to topocentric coordinates in pyproj

I'm trying to convert between topocentric coordinates and geographic coordinates with pyproj. First, I made a topocentric CRS using the proj4 string from the example here. Then, I made a geodetic CRS ...
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Converting from Lat Long Altitude to Geocentric to Topocentric using modern PROJ C++

I'm trying to use Proj to perform lat long alt to geocentric to topocentric transforms. I've been able to do this fine in python, but the API pyproj uses underneath is apparently very old. I want to ...
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Reproject WGS84 raster file to topocentric LTP-ENU using GDAL with a custom proj string

I have some raster files which are given in WGS84. As an example, here are some gdalinfo for one of those: Driver: GTiff/GeoTIFF Files: dem_r.tif Size is 2000, 911 Coordinate System is: GEOGCRS["...
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Why are topocentric coordinates of point A relative to point B not strictly the negative of the topocentric coordinates of point B relative to point A

I just tried to play around with some geodesy lately, using CartConvert in bash: $ echo -43.4242920E -22.9145118N 0 | CartConvert -l -43.7954220E -22.7454621N 0 38072.841396 -18768.489365 -141.336023 ...
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