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Tracing tool that returns number of points upstream of another point [closed]

My goal is to create a tool that, when you press on a fish barrier on the web map, highlights or gives you the number of fish barriers upstream of the one that you click on. I am working with NHD ...
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Trace Network with multiple starting and ending points belonging to different groups

I'm new to using ArcGIS (Pro Advanced 3.0.3 version) and I have a route and 2 groups of points where 1 group will connect to the closest point of the 2nd group. I created a Trace Network layer and ...
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How to programmatically access Trace network layer results when using NETWORK_LAYERS result type in a stand-alone Python script?

I have a stand-alone Python script that runs a Connected Trace on a Trace Network. This is a re-write of an existing script that runs a trace on a Geometric Network. The script will be published as ...
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Trace Network System Junction

I am just starting out using Trace Network after converting from Geometric Network. I am trying to figure out why my 'System Junctions' that appear at the end point of 2 lines with no valid point ...
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