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Questions tagged [transects]

a path across the Earth's surface along which observations are made or measurements taken, for instance counting and recording occurrences of species/features.

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Split lines with intersections

I basically want to divide this main line (LRS187) into several segments divided by points (LRSEvents187). I tried to use 'Split Lines at Points' tool from SAGA but got nowhere. I tried making ...
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Automate transects within polygon

I have a river polygon file and want to make transects parallel to the flow of the river. Transects can be any length, but must be 100 m apart from each other. I need enough transects to "cover&...
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Projection reduces directional distortion

Below R code makes transects within a polygon. When I project the transect to lat long they are distorted, i.e. slanted to the left. Is there a way I can convert the transects to lat long whilst also ...
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Categorising data points along transect using QGIS

I have data on the latitude and longitude of several locations in Europe (blue). So far I have been able to read this data into QGIS but not more. I would like to plot a transect (red) and then ...
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Draw topographic profile along transects perpendicular a river

I have a DEM; river (shapefile) ;and a shapfile of containing all the transect of length 5km drawn perpendicular to the river at an interval of 300m each. I am using QGIS 3.8.2. I want to draw ...
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Generating transects to the extent of a polygon

I am trying to clip pavement polygons in Arc Pro (but will use postgis or other software), and I'm using transects to do this. My method is: Generate the centreline of the polygon Use the Generate ...
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Perpendicular transect from lowest to highest elevation in gridded data using ArcMap

I have a gridded dataset that has mean elevations as the centroid value. I would like to create a perpendicular transect line from lowest to highest elevation in this mountainous area. Once I have the ...
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Drawing transects using point layer as start point

I'm very new to QGIS 3 and I have a problem. I got a point.shp indicating coastal transects long the world's coast set 500 m apart. I selected a subset projecting only the sandy transects along the ...
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Creating perpendicular lines along stream at points

Using ArcPy, I'm trying to figure out how to draw perpendicular lines along my Streams feature class. I have a set of points, that are snapped to my stream centerline. I've seen the "Generate ...
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Creating arbitrary profile?

I am trying to create a transect profile and extract information for each specific bands of Landsat which will be further used to create a transect graph. Is there any direct way of achieving this ...
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QGIS under measuring distances

I want to create some transects and a grid with specific lengths, but I realized Qgis is under measuring distances. For the transects I used "Advanced digitizing" (100m lines) and for the grid I used "...
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Generating transects perpendicular to Shapely/Geopandas Line

I'm doing an analysis on transects going perpendicular to a 1000m topographical contour line and I'm struggling to find a good way to create evenly spaces transects perpendicular to that contour. As ...
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Avoiding intersecting lines in transect generation

I'm trying to generate transects using the QGIS transect tool under vector geometry as a step in generating an interpolation layer. Unfortunately, the transects are intersecting, which will lead to ...
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Creating Point Transects along line using ArcMap

I would like to create a point shapefile that will contain sampling points along, and perpendicular to either side of a track route that I have as a line feature in ArcMap 10.1. The points on the ...
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Creating perpendicular transects to stream at specified intervals using ArcMap

My goal is to input a line, segment it in an evenly distributed way by a specified distance, convert the vertices to points, then draw lines perpendicular to the segment at a specified distance. These ...
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