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Questions tagged [triangulation]

triangulation is the process of determining the location of a point by forming triangles to it from known points.

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Triangulation in QGIS

I need to triangulate fire observation bearings from multiple fire towers or points at known locations. The towers are known points on the map. Fire patrol officers may also provide an observation ...
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Placing a point inside a convex polygon [closed]

I want to place a point inside a convex polygon. Is the position that maximizes the minimum angle of each triangle unique? I'm not very familiar with computational geometry, but I feel like this ...
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Map location of unknown point coordinates with two known coordinates and distances between them [duplicate]

I have a problem where I need to find the coordinates of a point which is the intersecting point of two circles. I found a similar question on stackoverflow. I understood to some extent, but not able ...
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Triangulation in ArcGIS Pro

I have a telemetry dataset for bats where one person stood at Point A and aimed his telemetry antenna to find the location of a bat. His/Her Lat/Lon coordinates and the angle relative to true North is ...
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How to save a Delaunay triangulation in shapefile with Python?

I have a csv file with coordinates and values for each point. I have made a Delaunay Triangulation and I save it in .png and .pwg formats, but I also would to save in shapefile format, I try with ...
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Using PyQGIS to generate a triangulated VTK/STL mesh from OpenStreetMaps data

I am interested in using OpenStreetMaps building data in PyQGIS to generate triangulated VTK or STL files. I am able to get the features I want as QgsGeometry objects. The problem is that these ...
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How to constrain a triangulation within a border (polygon/shapefile)?

I have a bunch of XYZ data and I want to triangulate a surface with them. Easy enough. "create TIN", select my shapefile with the XYZ data and let ArcMap do the rest. However, I need to ...
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Delaunay triangulation returning empty geometry in PyQGIS

I would like to compute the Delaunay Triangulation for polylines. But sometimes it works and sometimes it does not, I tried with hand drawn lines. lines=QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName("...
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Time-Based Multilateration

I'm not entirely certain, but I think this forum is most appropriate for this question. I know the location of three observers. A nearby source, who's location is unknown emits a beam of radiation at ...
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Access inner features (neighbors, edges) of triangulation to remove points from mesh under PostsGIS

I've a calculated a triangulation of a point set grouped in certain distance (buffer). For areal classification purposes, I need to calculate: (a) the points in the unified buffer, which is easy (b) ...
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Creating a 3D TIN or similar 3D Delaunay triangulation in R

Background: I have topographical datasets with height information as a starting point. The endgame is to create a dataset of triangulations which I can use to import into Parasolid to be used further ...
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Getting the coordinates for tripoints where three counties intersect

I'm trying to make a simplified triangulation of a US state (say Ohio) based on the counties. The way I accomplish this is to treat all boundaries, no matter how crooked, as straight lines whose ...
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Adding non GPS information to project?

I am a volunteer groundsman at a small golf club. I had our reticulation GPS located. I have added the GPS locations to a georeferenced image, all good. What I want to do now is add new sprinklers to ...
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Incomplete Delaunay triangulation unsing pyqgis3

I'm writing a small Qgis3 python plugin to convert polygon shapefiles to input files for a scientific model. I therefore need to split up the polygon geometries to more simple geometries with up to 4 ...
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How to find coordinates of a triangle with azimuth?

I am just starting out in GIS and it's been a long time since I took math in university. I am teaching myself through a textbook but there are a few questions I am stumped on. Essentially I have a ...
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JTS ConformingDelaunayTriangulationBuilder, what is the right way to set tolerance?

I have one 3D polygon and one 2D polygon. I know that 2D polygon is inside 3D polygon (when projected on the plane) and I want to find Z-coordinate for 2D polygon points. The idea is to apply ...
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Aerial Triangulation by using GPS height

Is it possible to use GPS geographic coordinates & ellipsoidal height not orthometric heights in Aerial Triangulation?
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Sound localisation using TDoAs?

So my situation: I've got an array of 4 microphones, 3 in a plane and one above out of plane. These microphones are connected to a micro controller which accurately time-stamps a sound when it ...
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Differences between triangulation and trilateration

Looking around I noticed that many people interchange the terms (triangulation and trilateration) for the same sense. What is the correct sense of Triangulation and what are the differences from ...
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