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Get all h3 indexes within a polygon in PostGIS

Using PostgreSQL 14.5, PostGIS 3.3 and OSM data, with Uber h3 extension for PostGIS I am trying to get all hexagons within a certain boundry of polygons. This SQL query: SELECT h3_polygon_to_cells(...
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Overlaying GeoJSON linestring file Over a GeoJSON polygon and an OSM standard

I am trying to Overlay a LineString layer over a polygon layer on QGIS and an OSM standard layer, such that the LineString called speeds... would be seen on the polygon layer and on the map. At the ...
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Scraping Uber service coverage from Uber City website into shapefile?

I would like to get a full national wide coverage of Uber service area. I find there are specific coverage boundaries by city on its website. For example, Is ...
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Using Uber H3 hexagon grids in QGIS

How can I create a spatial binning similar to or directly using Uber h3 from QGIS UI? Are there plugins available to achieve the desired task?
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Determine when an object nears a point

Context: When an Uber vehicle is very close to the destination, there is an alert on the driver app that indicates that the destination has arrived. This determination is quite accurate. Two ...
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MongoDB to store vehicle tracking information

I am building an app similar to Uber for tracking vehicles. Since the update frequency is so high (accounting for several users), I want to know the general practices involved for making writes faster ...