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Skiable upslope area of specific point on DEM using QGIS

I am looking for a way to determine the area above a point that can be reached by only walking up or horizontally. Or in a bit more technical terms, I am looking for an algorithm that starts a ...
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Ordering points along rivers in ArcGIS

I have data on the location of water treatment facilities in the EU (green in the map) and of stations that control for water quality in rivers (blue in the map). I'd like to get a list of treatment ...
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QGIS: Creating a point at a set distance up/downstream from another point (dams or obstructions) on a line object (river)

I have a data set where I have shapefiles for the watercourses in a drainage basin (line/linestring) and locations of dams and other obstructions along them (points). I would like to create a new ...
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Clipping 5 km area of watershed upstream from outlet using ArcMap

I am using ArcMap. I have the delineated watersheds for more than 200 sites. What I need is to clip the 5-km area upstream of the sites. I cannot do this manually ...
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Counting upstream dams along river network in QGIS

I am working on QGIS. I have a river network where each segment is a line with ID from the upstream one (if any) and the downstream one (if any). I also have information on: location of dams location ...
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Cumulative cost upstream a raster stream network with GRASS

I have a river network in raster and locations of many dams on the river. In the image above, the BLUE point represent one random cell. Dam 1 is downstream to the cell. I am looking to calculate ...
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Find all polygons upstream of a set of points? [closed]

Given two datasets 1) polygons for global river basins and 2) points for global hydro power dams; how can I determine the upstream basins for each dam? Not sure where to start with this, looking for ...
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Calculating 3D surface area base on slope in ArcGIS Desktop? [duplicate]

How can I calculate 3D surface area base on slope in GIS for each morphological units in watershed?
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How to build Geometric network in MapInfo?

I have sample dataset of Water network. I wanted to make it geometrically connected network. I was trying to trace the network end to end, I have used "FnodeTnode tracing" plugin, but I was not lucky ...
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Riparian corridor delineation in QGIS

I am trying to delineate the riparian corridors using GRASS in R. But I am having some issues. So is there a plugin in QGIS using which I can extract riparian corridors using the already available ...
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Finding distance up geometric network?

I have successfully been using the trace upstream in ArcGIS with 10,000+ points as flags to find what polygons are upstream (using a select of the polygons than intersect the upstream trace). Now I ...
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