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Uniform Resource Identifier, a string of characters used to identify a name or a resource.

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Extrapolate URI from a WFS connection

Purpose: to create and add a vector layer instance to the project with Python This is what is written in to connect with ...
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Exporting zonal statistics attribute table from QGIS

I have two layers: one is solar radiation, one is town boundaries. I used zonal statistics and seem to have correctly generated that. I'm able to view the attribute table and all seems to be in order. ...
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Passing variable to URI filepath

I want to load CSV file to QGIS. It works if I use the strings below: uri ="file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/Alex working/Tracks//Track.csv?delimiter={}&crs=epsg:25831&xField={}&yField={}...
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Opening vector layer via URI with spaces

I try to open a Pelias REST API link that returns GeoJSON with add vector layer (Ctrl+Maj+v) in QGIS. If i try http://localhost:4000/v1/search?text=belgium, it's ok. If i try http://localhost:4000/v1/...
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Making a clickable button in QGIS Attributes Form that is a URI from an Expression?

I would like to make a clickable button in my Attributes Form that is a URI that is dynamically generated using an Expression Calculator from fields in the data. I have already created an action for ...
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