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Ushahidi is an open-source platform that collects crowdsourced information using multiple channels, including SMS, email, Twitter and the web.

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GreenGeeks versus WebFaction for Web mapping

Am looking into choosing a hosting service to test out and ultimately deploy a web mapping service. I want to test out Mapserver, Geoserver, Geonode and Ushahidi towards making a decision so looking ...
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Use Ushahidi api in another map using openlayers

I have a ushahidi deployment and i am using Openlayers + ushahidi api to show the reports in a separate map along with other features. i have queried the data from ushahidi api and made a vector ...
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Collaborative webmapping systems/platforms [duplicate]

What are the existing collaborative webmapping systems/platforms? I am looking for some information like on this page for wiki softwares, but specific to out-of-the-box on-line geographical data ...
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How to display some Ushahidi's layers (WFS) in my Web portal?

I'm working on a VGI Web portal. I'm using OpenLayers and the application is running through the TomCat server. I would like to know if it's possible to display layers from Ushahidi or others VGI ...
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Displaying Live Incoming Smartphone Images with Ushahidi on Map? [closed]

I have not yet used Ushahidi and I could not find the answer on their website to my question. I wish to do the following: setup an Ushahidi server/map, go outside to make photos with my Android/...
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Looking for collaborative webmapping projects [duplicate]

I´m looking for open source collaborative web mapping projects which allow vector editing, wms display and other features like comments, photo-uploads etc. I´ve only found Ushahidi and Sahana so far, ...
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Alternatives to Ushahidi for Crowdsourcing? [duplicate]

We all know that Ushahidi offers a versatile solution for crowdsourcing information and its effective depiction in maps. I am interested to know if there is any application(free and open source) on ...
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Changing base map in Ushahidi?

Fascinated by the idea of a 'crowd map' and 'citizen journalism', I've been perusing Ushahidi and it should serve me well. I would like to emulate it except for - the base map. I would prefer a ...
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How to manually change from GPS (WGS84) to web based maps projection systems?

I have collected location point data and wish to display this on a web based map. It was collected using a Garmin Etrex GPS using the WGS84 datum. I wish to display the points using Ushahidi and have ...
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