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Extracting Pixel values and exporting it as a CSV file - GEE Python API (Google Colab)

I was trying to extract the pixel values and download them as a CSV and I came across this tutorial. I am using Google Colab instead of Jupiter Notebook. I did the following: Using the "Draw a ...
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Sample Regions - excludes points with masked bands. Google Earth Engine

I have a set of points from around the world and I want to extract the pixel values from a set of images, giving information about the local environment, for each point. Then export the set of values ...
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Subtracting multiple rasters one point values from each related raster

I must extract values by point (just one point) from multiple "Tif" format raster and then times these values to -1 and add them to the raster files with raster calculator (calibration). I ...
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Getting NaN values when I extract pixel values of a raster using a point shapefile in R

I try to extract pixel values at defined points in a raster file in R, using a point shape file. With some raster files it works perfectly, with others it returns 'NaN' values for all extracted points....
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Google Earth Engine: error when extracting pixels values of chlorophyll and SST for specific coordinates from SMI Modis Aqua

I'm trying to extract specific pixel values in a csv table of chlorophyll-a and sea surface temperature from Standard Mapped Image MODIS Aqua Data to match to the sampling site over the sampling ...
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Extracting band values of an Image Collection over a point shapefile in GEE

I have an image collection in GEE consisting of 36 images, each with 23 bands of Sentinel 2 data (S2L2A). I also have a point shapefile that I imported as an asset (RAEJORDANESIA_POINT). I want to ...
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Negatively buffer edges of thermal resolution raster layer to fit within a higher resolution RGB raster layer to avoid soil temperature extraction [closed]

I want to exclude overhanging thermal pixels in a raster layer to fit within a higher resolution RGB raster layer to avoid extracting any soil temperature. I have tried buffering in QGIS but will only ...
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Take information from point along coast and make it inland

I'm trying to create a map in ArcGIS Pro using the National Coastal Erosion Risk Mapping Dataset. The dataset shows the likely amount of erosion (metres) at each point along today's UK coastline. I'm ...
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Extract Values to Table: wrong number of pixels

Using ArcGIS Pro and arcpy I am iterating through a shapefile using a SearchCursor to extract the pixel values of a raster for each polygon in the shapefile using the Extract Values to Table (...
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Extracting raster values to points using ArcMap

I am working on a project to determine the coastal vulnerability. I have different variables like elevation, LULC, bathymetry, etc. of the entire study area. I am stuck in the middle of my analysis. ...
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